BLURRED Lines: Women, “CELEBRITY” Shaykhs, & Spiritual Abuse

By Zaynab Ansari “You who believe, uphold justice and bear witness to God, even if it […]


Fitna of Dajjal & Why Should One Memorize these Ayaat

Bismillah Rabbi Zidnee Ilman “My Lord! Increase me in knowledge.” Who is Dajjal/Anti-Christ? Dajjal is a […]


Use Sha’ban to Prepare for Ramadan

By Abu Abdullah  Preparing For Ramadhaan By Using The Month Of Shabaan MY beloved brothers and […]



  Due to the dire need and with the month of Ramadaan almost upon us, Alhamdo-Lillah, […]

shukr sabr

Attitude of Gratitude – 18 Gifts of Allah to be Thankful For

Bismillah Gratitude is an attitude if adorned by the soul, Ash Shakoor waters its heart with seeds […]

waste water

‘Conserve water, every drop counts’

Thursday 21 May 2015 10:15 SABC South Africa is experiencing a dry season due to the […]


Take it with a Spoonful of Salt

  By Maulana Khalid Dhorat   A person sitting across you at a wedding reception is busy […]


10 Ways to know if you have Sihr

1. Sihr of Separation This is very common form of black magic which aims to separate […]




Global News

world cup

FIFA scandal: Where are we now

2015-05-29 10:57 FIFA flag (file) Related Links CAF says FIFA vote should go on SA investigated FIFA - … [Read More...]


SA has a big fat problem – academic

South Africa has a fat problem, with women having a bigger problem than men and youth being the third most obese in the world, says a … [Read More...]


Myanmar should be isolated for its Apartheid against the Rohingya now

Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 07 Shabaan 1436/27 May 2015 On May 29, the south-east Asian bloc will meet to discuss the Rohingya question. … [Read More...]

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