24 reasons why I know my hubby loves me

Noticing the good things your husband does for you will go a long way in helping […]


Sahaba Series – Sayyidina Wahshi RA

Vengeful mercenary to gallant Mujahid Cii Radio | 18 Shawaal 1436/04 August 2015 Two of the […]

treat women well

10 Beautiful Aspects of a Muslimah

1. Her Obedience to the Creator: A practising Muslim man loves to have a practising Muslim wife; […]


Going astray and taking others along?

Bint Ahmed Sulaymaan – Cii Radio | 17 Shawaal 1436/03 August 2015 Anyone who uses popular […]


Successful Husband Successful WIFE

Successful Husband Successful WIFE Successful Marriage Successful LIFE       “How Should I get married […]


An Open Letter to Lonely Souls

by Reehab Ramadan 5 min read Dear Lonely Soul, I thought about you this week when […]


Jealousy and Envy

Rasoolullah (Sallallhu Alayhi wa Sallam) said: “Beware of jealousy, for verily it destroys good deeds the […]

suicide pills

The age of sedation

   Posted by: MV Media By: Junaid Kajee Source: We humans love sedatives. And I’m not talking […]




Global News


Clashes Erupt On West Bank After Child Is Murdered By Zionist Settlers

By Thomas Gaist 01 August, 2015 Source: Middle East Eye The parents and five-year-old brother of a baby killed in an arson attack by … [Read More...]


Israeli Leaders Lit The Match That Burned Baby Ali Dawabsha

By Rania Khalek 02 August, 2015 Relatives carry the body of 18-month-old Palestinian Ali Dawabsha at the toddler’s … [Read More...]


Official Taliban Biography of Mullah Muhammad Omar

Report: Taliban sources deny death of Mullah Omar Agencies | 12 Shawaal 1436/29 July 2015 The Afghan Taliban and sources close to the group’s … [Read More...]

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