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Avoiding Divine Wrath – Booklet

Our most beautiful deen has given us complete guidance and bestowed us with the most perfect way of leading our lives. Among the occasions in which the guidelines of deen are most tragically neglected is the occasion of nikaah. The blessings of this great ‘ibaadah are destroyed due to an abundance of sinful activities.

This booklet is a consolidated transcript of two talks that were delivered by Hazrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyaas Patel Saheb (daamat barakaatuhm) on this most pertinent topic in an effort to enlighten the Ummah of the importance of conducting our nikaahs in the simple, sunnah manner and to highlight the harms of having extravagant weddings and indulging in haraam activities.

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Avoiding_Divine_Wrath    avoiding-divine-wrath

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