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Beliefs (Aqaa’id)

Is Rasul-ullah (Sallaho Alaihe Wassallam) alive in his grave?

Title: Miscellaneous questions/ Debate with a Salafi Question I was debating with a Salafi and these are questions he posed, asking for Shari’ah evidence for the following, please advice what is the proof? 1) Is the physical body the prophet pbuh alive or dead in the grave? Why do Hanafis say …

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Secularism and its dangers

Allah, the Most Exalted, sent down The Book (the Noble Quran) to clarify all things and to give Guidance and Mercy to people who believe. He sent His Messenger, Muhammad with guidance and the true religion with which He opened blinded eyes, deaf ears, and sealed hearts. With it, He …

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Is Allah Everywhere or is He on His Throne?(Detailed)

<QUESTION> Some people say Allah is everywhere, some say He is above the heavens, some say He is on His throne; and everyone seems to present tons of evidences to prove their point. I am so confused about the whole issue. Where is Allah? Please explain! <ANSWER> In the name …

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Meraj & Isra

  The month of Rajab is most famous for the incident of the night journey and ascension of Prophet to the heavens, in Arabic known as Al-Isra wal Mi’raj. The exact date of this journey is unknown, however some Islamic scholars state that it took place in the month of …

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Second Conquest of Constantinople & Emergence of Dajjaal?

  Question: If there will be no second conquest of Constantinople, what then is the meaning of those narrations that speak of the ’emergence of dajjal’ shortly after this conquest. This land was conquered in the year 857 A.H (1453), about 565 years ago, and to date there has been …

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The Second Coming of ‘Īsā AS : A Fundamental Islamic Belief 

Mufti Zameelur Rahman http://ahlussunnah.boards.net/thread/715/second-coming-fundamental-islamic-belief Recently, an individual has been promoting the misguided belief that the Prophet ‘Īsā (‘alayhissalām) will not return, claiming that this is an idea that has mistakenly been imported into Islām and the teachings of the Prophet (ṣallallāhu ‘alayhi wasallam) from Christianity. The belief that the Prophet …

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