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Audio Lecture – Ml Muhammed Abbasomar

Be Cautious from Who and Where your Knowledge of Deen ( Islam ) is Taken. There are many false websites and “scholars ” masquerading as Islamic. by Moulana Muhammad Abbassomar alhilal.co.za almiftah.com http://alhilal.co.za/sound/HILAL%20JUMMA%2019%20AUGUST%202016%20-%20MOULANA%20MUHAMMAD%20ABBASSOMAR.mp3

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Avoiding Divine Wrath – Booklet

Our most beautiful deen has given us complete guidance and bestowed us with the most perfect way of leading our lives. Among the occasions in which the guidelines of deen are most tragically neglected is the occasion of nikaah. The blessings of this great ‘ibaadah are destroyed due to an …

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