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Giving wine as a gift

Question: I work at an auditing firm. After we complete the audit, our firm normally gives the client a small gift for good business relations. It is the senior’s responsibility to deliver the gifts to the client. As I am the senior it is currently my responsibility to deliver the …

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Fixing a cash price and a credit price

Question: Whilst dealing with customers, we come across customers that request a quote of a cash price. Generally, if our normal price is R220 for a wheel barrow and the customer generally has the option to pay 30 days from statement. Where a cash price is requested, we would quote …

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Using paint brushes made from pig hair

Question: What is the Shar’iah ruling on selling paint brushes made of pig hair? Painters claim that brushes made from synthetic fibre don’t do the job as well as that made of pig hair. Kindly advise   Answer: If the brush is made from pig’s hair, it will not be permissible to sell, …

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Partaking of meals sourced from Haraam income

Question: If a close family member like a father is known to earn his income by dealing in Haraam transactions like interest, insurance and gambling, what is the ruling on eating at their homes or accepting any gifts of money speculated from this source, without breaking the family-ties? Answer: If majority …

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Can I use the interest money to pay bank charges?

Question:    Can I use the interest money to pay bank charges? Answer:   Bank charges are legitimate service fees. Hence, it will not be permissible to use interest money to pay for bank charges.   And Allah Knows Best Mufti Suhail Tarmahomed Checked and Approved: Mufti Ebrahim Desai  Jamiatul Ulama …

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Earning a salary and commission based on profits

Question: Kindly advise regarding the following situation:Ebrahim wants to set up his nephew in a business. Ebrahim will provide all the capital and his nephew will be running the business and will receive a fixed salary as well as a fixed % of the profits. Is this arrangement permissible? If …

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