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Cleanliness (Tahaarah)

Do I have to take a Bath (Ghusl) if a dog touches me?

Question: A Family member asked me if her dog’s saliva got onto her clothes and Hands. Does she have to make ghusl?   I said yes. Apparently, she checked many sites and read that she doesnt have to take a bath she must just wash out the saliva. I said to …

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I use a patch for contraception. Is my Ghusl valid?

Question: As a form of contraception I am on a “patch”, which is changed every week and the fourth week is a “no patch week”, I would like to know is my Ghusl accepted when I do make it over the patch?   Answer: Since contraception is not a necessity, …

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Is Salaah with urine on the garment valid?

Question: Is Salaah with urine on the garment valid? Answer: Any Najasah (filth) on the clothes should immediately be removed. (Tatarkhaniyyah). However, if one read Salah with urine on the body or clothes then the ruling is as follows:

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The Sunnah method of using the Miswaak

Question: I would like to know if there is any specific manner to use a Miswaak? For example the right first or the left. The top first or the bottom. By specific I mean Sunnah manner. Answer: Allamah Ibn Aabideen Shaami (Rahimahullah) has discussed the method of using the Miswaak* …

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Does kissing the wife invalidate Wudhu?

Question: If I & my wife are in Wudhu, and if we kiss each other does the Wudhu is broken, Do we have to make Wudhu again?  Answer: According to the Hanafi Madh-hab, The husband and wife kissing each other does not invalidate the Wudhu unless impure substances were emitted …

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Wiping (making Masah) on a bandage

Question: I have a deep cut on my left hand and need to keep my hand in a bandage for a few days. Can I make massah on the bandage when I make wudu? Answer: When making Wudhu, you may make Masah on the bandage if removing the bandage is …

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