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Haj & Umrah

Cutting of the hair in Ihraam

Question and Answer: Q. When we finish our sa’ee my husband trims my hair, in order to take me out of ihraam whilst he is still in ihraam. Is this permissable? (Question published as received) A. Yes. It is permissible. And Allah Knows Best Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach) For …

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Haj without a Mahram

Q. Is it permissible for my mother to go for Hajj without a Mahram? My mother is elderly and has no sons or Mahram available. Some agents are saying that she can go for Hajj with them and they will be her Mahrams. Is this correct? I find this strange …

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The husband’s nephew is not a Mahram

  Question:   Can my sister go for Umrah with her nephew who is around the same age as her? This nephew of hers is her husband’s brother’s son and he is married. Please advise urgently    Answer:   This is the nephew of your sister’s husband and not her …

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