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Incorrect Beliefs

Asking from the Awliya and Tawassul


  Question:   1. Can we ask dua from the awliya ( that passed away ) 2.My question is regarding Saints (aWLIYA ) Is it possible they have knowledge not of the unseen or the future but events that have taken place already, but not near them?My family regularly visit …

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Rabi’ul Awwal And Seerah


Question: There has been much discussion with regards to celebrating 12th Rabī al-Awwal. You must be well aware of all the academic arguments in that regard. Without delving into academic gymnastics, your brief thoughts on this issue will be well appreciated. Answer: In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the …

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First to give news of Rabi-ul-Awwal?


__ Nasihah (Advice): The great Tabi-ee Imam Abdullah ibn Mubarak (Rahimahullah) said:   “Isnaad (having an authentic source for matters pertaining to religion) is Deen itself. Therefore, be careful of your sources of Deen” (Sahih Muslim) _____________________________________________ Question and Answer: Q. A few days ago, I received a bbm with a Hadith …

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Nikah in the Month of Muharram/Safar

Forest-Trees (660x413)

Question and Answer: Q. I would like to know if it is permissible to marry in the month of muharram/safar as i am planning a nikah in the month of December in which Muharam/Safar does fall, i have been told that it is not permissible to marry in those months, please …

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The shia cult and Muawiyah Radhiyallahu Anhu


Question: Salaam Mufti Saheb(s): I wanted to ask about Shias and Muawiya/Ali (Radiyallahoanhum to both). Many Shias say that Muawiya (RA) and his successors cursed Ali during Jummah khutbah for years. Is this true, because I can find no legitimate source of this other than Shia propaganda? Also, why do …

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Spending on the family on ʿĀshūrā Question What is the status of the narration that suggests that a person should generously spend on the family on ʿĀshūrā? Please clarify because people who do not believe in this are criticised whilst people who believe in this are accused of innovation. Read …

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Husain’s RA going against Yazid & the Sunni view on Yazid


Question: I have read your article regarding rebellion against rulers and open Kufr where you said “The ruler’s leadership should not be challenged unless if he commits Kufr or a grave sin, in which case, it should be condemned without using any violence. You also said that, “this ruling is …

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gay homo

Question: What is the status of homosexuality in Islam, and how should one cope with it? ——————————————————————————– Answer: Haamidaw wa Musalliyaa At the outset the following should be borne in mind: 1. Our creator, Allah (SWT) has prohibited homosexuality in no uncertain terms. 2. Accordingly it is not natural. In …

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Taraweeh,“Eight or Twenty?”


  The Truth In The Light of Ahadeeth   The following article, Taraweeh 8 or 20 is written by Moulana Zakariyya Memon as thesis for his Iftaa course. This article makes useful read to understand the issue clearly. The format is well laid out and well substantiated. May Allah accept …

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