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How do I pray Salaah at home with my wife following me?

Question:   Please advise the procedure of how Salaah should be performed if the husband and wife perform Salaah at home.   Answer:   The wife should stand directly behind the husband and the husband should lead the Salaah by making the intention that he is leading a female in …

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I use a patch for contraception. Is my Ghusl valid?

Question: As a form of contraception I am on a “patch”, which is changed every week and the fourth week is a “no patch week”, I would like to know is my Ghusl accepted when I do make it over the patch?   Answer: Since contraception is not a necessity, …

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What should I do with customers goods forgotten at my shop?

Question: I have a shop and customers sometimes forget to take their parcels kept in the parcel counter. Most times they do not return to claim their parcels probably because they have forgotten which shop they left it at. I keep the parcels for months and years in a storeroom …

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Giving wine as a gift

Question: I work at an auditing firm. After we complete the audit, our firm normally gives the client a small gift for good business relations. It is the senior’s responsibility to deliver the gifts to the client. As I am the senior it is currently my responsibility to deliver the …

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Did Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam consume seafood?

Question:   Did Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam consume seafood? Answer:   It is recorded in Sahih al-Bukhari that Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam partook of a type of huge fish that Allah made available to the Sahabah when they went out on an expedition.  (Sahih al-Bukhari) This denotes that Nabi (Sallallahu …

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Are men allowed to wear diamonds on their rings?

Question:     Are men allowed to wear diamonds on their rings? Answer:   It is permissible for men to wear diamonds on their rings. (al-Fatawa al-Hindiyyah, Vol: 5, Pg: 335, Dar Ihya-it Turath al-Arabi)     NB. Males are permitted to wear rings made from only silver and its …

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