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Keeping that spark alive


By Naadira Chhipa He groomed his beard and wore his best blue shirt,he sprayed on the most expensive fragrance he owned before rushing to the florist to buy her a bouquet of red roses. They are engaged to be married and he is dressed to impress her.Fast forward a year …

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10 inspirational tips to strengthen your marriage

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  1. EVERYONE YOU MARRY HAS A WEAKNESS Only Allah has no weakness. Every rose flower has its own thorn. If you focus too much on your spouse’s weakness, you can’t get the best out of his/her strength. 2. EVERYONE YOU MARRY HAS A DARK HISTORY : No one is an …

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Evils of Infidelity


By Naadira Chhipa She tucks her two beautiful children into bed. She looks at their innocent little faces as she kisses them good night with a soft dua to Allah to always protect them and keep them happy. She had a long day of chores and cooking as well as …

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Empty promises


By Naadira Chhipa She uploads a hijaab clad pretty picture of herself. She is nervous as she has never shared a picture of herself on social media before she can feel the palpatations of her lonely heart accelerate as the likes start pouring in. He always had her as a …

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By Naadira Chhipa They were married for over three decades and yet still so in love with each other ,as they never failed to strengthen their bond through this rocky journey called life. Their children were now married and had homes of their own so it was just the two …

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True Love


By Naadira Chhipa She grew up reading and watching fairytales and believed in waiting for her very own prince charming and living happily ever after… As she grew older her idea of true love stemmed from bollywood movies, novels and poetry. She wholeheartedly believed love to be: Blissfully walking hand …

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His 4 biggest needs, her 4 biggest needs


Men and women need very different things.  https://familyshare.com/23159/his-4-biggest-needs-her-4-biggest-needs Dave Willis My wife Ashley and I recently sat down with a couple who had drifted apart and they were desperately trying to reconnect as a couple. We guided them through some questions to help them get to the root of where …

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Allah Has Heard the Arguing Woman


By Dr. Fareeha Khan “My Companions are like the stars; follow whichever you like and you will be rightly guided.” –the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ Wherever there is a discrepancy in power, there exists the possibility of abuse. As Muslims, we believe this is true of every relationship between willful beings, …

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The Breakdown of marriages


By Naadira Chhipa She was born into a wealthy family.Her father was a renowned businessman and owned properties across the country.It was in her first year of university that she met him,a humble hafiz who was studying towards becoming an accountant.He was born into a middle class home and did …

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Daughter in laws


By Naadira Chhipa They courted for a year before he had the courage to tell his mother about his love and his intention to marry her.His mother was not impressed as she had already set up samoosa runs for every Sunday of the month yet she reluctantly agreed to meet …

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