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Having a Bad Day or in a Bad Mood

During the day moods often rise and fall; sometimes we cannot even pinpoint why. Research has shown that there are things that affect mood and productivity negatively. But guess what? A tip regarding every mood can be found in the Quran and the sunnah! Allah ‘azza wa jall says in …

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The importance of reciting Qur’aan Shareef daily at home*

_by Mufti Ebrahim Salejee_ alhaadi.org It is necessary for every home to introduce the recitation of the Qur’aan everyday. There was a time when every morning and evening, every Muslim home would be buzzing with the recitation of Qur’aan. Men, women and children would all be engaged in tilaawah. This …

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10 Steps to Mindfulness

  1.  Do one thing at a time. Single-task, don’t multi-task. Doing just one thing at a time, gives us time to enjoy what we are doing. 2. Do it slowly & deliberately. Don’t rush whatever you’re doing. Instead, take your time. The world wants us to rush, rush, so …

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The One – Eyed Dajjaal Box

I control your every thought. Your daily routine revolves around me. You can’t wait to get home and see what I have to offer. At night when you are away you wonder what I am doing, and how you can be with me. You are so easy to control. All …

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Gay Beauticians – The New Sick Craze

Moulana Khalid Dhorat It seems nowadays that gays are the only ones who are expert in hair styling and makeup! Everyone else seems to have become redundant. And this seems to be the latest craze that has gripped our Muslim women!! And before anyone jumps up and start accusing me …

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 Simple Steps to a Healthier, Happier You!

  By Umm Ayman eislam.co.za Complete health should be a balanced and holistic endeavour. Below are just a few concise steps toward achieving full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and even financial well-being and contentment, Inshaa-Allah.   ALWAYS SAY BISMILLAH (I BEGIN IN THE NAME OF ALLAH) The Messenger of …

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