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Social Behaviour

Perfect Greeting


alhaadi.org Hi… then… Bye!!! This is the meaningless greeting of the West. One wonders what it really means? Is he asking you whether you are on a high? Whatever it may mean, no greeting is as comprehensive and perfect as the greeting which is derived from one of the attributes …

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The Importance of a Family Unit


Out of all the previous divine religions, none has given due importance to the family as Islam did. In doing so, Islam has legislated procedures and means which maintain security and preserve stability within the family. It has also prescribed some measures which prevent the family from collapse and destruction. …

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The spiritual danger of excessive laughter


Jan 7, 2017 By: Shaykh Faraz A. Khan Source: SeekersHub It is narrated with a sound chain of transmission that our Beloved Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Do not laugh too much, for verily excessive laughter kills the heart.” [Bukhari, Adab al-Mufrad; Sunan Tirmidhi; Sunan Ibn Maja; …

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5 things happy people are too busy for

Happy (660x371)

By: Rihla Source: myummah.co.za There’s a reason why some people are happier than others. It’s not because they’re wealthier or more good looking, it’s because they choose to live differently. It’s because they choose to make the changes their lives need in order to lead lives they can be proud …

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Fighting inequality


One of the greatest responsibilities for the South African Muslim today Ebrahim Moosa – Radio Islam – Opinion | 23 November 2016 Of all of South Africa’s claims to fame, one of the most notorious is oft-repeated statistic that ‘South Africa is one of the most unequal, if not the …

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EA wealthy trader was one day clearing some of his old correspondence letters.He came across a letter he received about 6 months earlier, from a man whose small furniture making business was failing. This man had written a letter to the wealthy trader asking for advice. The wealthy trader had …

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The Lambs and the wild dogs


THE RULING OF A WISE JUDGE: A farmer in ancient China had a neighbour who was a hunter, and who owned ferocious and poorly trained hunting dogs. They jumped over the fence frequently and chased the farmer’s lambs. The farmer asked his neighbour to keep his dogs in check, but …

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6 Rights of the Muslim


Muslim’s rights Abu Hurayrah narrated that the Messenger of Allaah said: “The rights of the Muslim upon the Muslim are six.” It was said, “And what are they Oh Messenger of Allaah?” He replied, “When you meet him, give him the greeting of peace, when he invites you, respond to his …

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The True Meaning of Modesty( Hayaa ) in Islam


Modesty is a widely used term nowadays. It is often misinterpreted as just the feelings of shyness or shame one has. Everyone has their own opinion of what being modest is, and they try to brag about their levels of modesty while looking down upon others. Let us look what …

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