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Special Occasions

Qurbani and the Battlefield of Faith!

“Certainly there is a profound lesson for you in the life of Hazrat Ebrahim Alayhimus Salaam”  Ebrahim Alayhimus Salaam abandoned his life of solitude to confront a world steeped in tyranny and rebellion against Allah. He boldly challenged the icons of power and openly denounced falsehood, which pitted him in …

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Am I being watched?

Am I being watched? AM I BEING WATCHED? Cruising down the national freeway, exceeding the speed limit, one almost instantaneously steps on his brakes and decelerates. Why? He catches sight of an RTI official and is well aware that HE IS BEING WATCHED! A person in a supermarket, whose intention …

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Another Chance

Another Chance Allah Ta’ala, through His grace and bounty, has afforded mankind numerous opportunities of gaining closeness to Him and turning to Him in repentance. These opportunities enable man to undo the wrongs which he may have committed since his last repentance. There is a famous Hadeeth in which Rasulullah …

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Exclusively for this Ummah

Exclusively for this Ummah Hadrat Abu Hurayra Radiyallaahu anhu narrates that Rasulullaah Sallallaahu Alaihi wasallam has said, “ My Ummah was given five things for Ramadaan which were not given to anyone except them. (They are): 1.     The smell emanating from the mouth of a fasting person is  sweeter …

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