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How many “likes”?


  By Sister Seedat eislam.co.za How many times have we posted a picture that we thought to be something great and to our surprise the picture receives a meager 10 “likes”?…Instant removal ! In our quest to boost our self-confidence, we have become egotistical and as fake as the filters we …

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The spiritual danger of excessive laughter


Jan 7, 2017 By: Shaykh Faraz A. Khan Source: SeekersHub It is narrated with a sound chain of transmission that our Beloved Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Do not laugh too much, for verily excessive laughter kills the heart.” [Bukhari, Adab al-Mufrad; Sunan Tirmidhi; Sunan Ibn Maja; …

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FOMO – New Year


  All in the name of a New Year: By Naadira Chhipa Dressed in a black leather mini skirt,a shimmery silver top and Jimmy choo heels she is ready for the new years eve party at the hottest night club in town.How could she miss out on the most happening …

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Porn Harms – fightthenewdrug.org


 fightthenewdrug.org Research has found that marriages in which one person has a porn problem or sexual compulsion are often plagued by less intimacy and sensitivity, as well as more anxiety, secrecy, isolation, and dysfunction in the relationship. And since many porn users end up losing their jobs as a result …

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Young children are getting hooked on porn


Cheryl McHenry http://www.daytondailynews.com/ One local boy was just 5 years old when he started acting out sexually and aggressively. His mother said he seemed to have “too much knowledge for his age.” She found out later that an older cousin had downloaded pornography and showed it to her son. Another …

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21 simple steps to save water in the home


Cii Radio| Ayesha Ismail 1. Check for leaks. Turn off all taps and make sure that the toilet cistern is not filling up after flushing. Then check if your meter is still running. If it is, try to ascertain what is leaking, or call a plumber. 2. Fix all leaks. …

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Why the iPad is a far bigger threat to our children than anyone realises

tech slave (650x487)

 Ten years ago, psychologist SUE PALMER predicted the toxic effects of social media. Now she sees a worrying new danger… Sue Palmer is a psychologist who realised how dangerous technology could be to young children She’s shocked about how even the tiniest have become slaves to screens  Excessive screen-time can lead to …

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Is your selfie addiction a sign of mental illness?


By: Susan Erasmus 29 September 2016 Need to constantly post images of yourself and make sure that your fans and followers like it? It could be a sign of poor self esteem. If you are posting more than three selfies a day on social media on an ongoing basis, you …

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