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Qurbani: Philosophy and Rules

Qurbani: Philosophy and Rules by Mufti Taqi Uthmani The Urdu and persian word Qurbani (Sacrificial slaughter) is derived from the Arabic word Qurban. Lexically, it means an act performed to seek Allah’s pleasure. Originally, the word Qurban included all acts of charity because the purpose of charity is nothing but …

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Rules regarding Slaughtering according to Shariah

1.      The animal must be a permitted animal – cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat. 2.      All slaughterers must be Muslims, reputable persons of good character and practising Muslims. 3.      The Muslim slaughterers must at all times follow the method of Halaal slaughtering as required by the Shariáh. 4.      Before slaughter, the …

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The fact that Haj has been granted the status of being the fifth pillar of Islam is itself an indication of its importance in Deen. Indeed, such stress has been laid on the performance of Haj that no person upon whom Haj has become compulsory should ever delay in fulfilling …

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Jihad by Night

By: Yahya Ibrahim “For twenty years I waged Jihad against myself.  I struggled, all throughout to remain standing in prayer at night.  For those twenty years I never tasted the sweetness of the night prayer.  It was only after that that I found comfort and sweetness.” These are the words …

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Ramadaan FAQs

Q. Can one use a tampon whilst fasting? A. A menstruating woman cannot fast even if she uses a tampon. However, if a woman uses a tampon for bleeding or discharges other than menstruation, the answer is detailed hereunder: In Ad-Durrul Mukhtar and Tahtaawi alaa Maraaqil Falaah, the authors have …

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The lesson of Death in Haj

Among the many lessons that the Ibaadah of Haj teaches us, is the lesson of death. Let us see how Haj depicts death and the hereafter. A Haaji leaves his home, bids farewell to all his dear and near ones and departs from them just before he sets off alone. …

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