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The “Just One Bottle” Myth

By Aisha Al Hajjar, AMANI | AS a lactation consultant (breastfeeding counselor) I often get calls or emails from nervous new mothers who worry that their milk supply isn’t enough or has dried up. It’s understandable to have such concerns, especially with the myriad of pressures from friends, relatives, doctors, …

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From Full-time Doctor to Full-time Mother

By Laura Gibb WHEN I announced my decision to resign from my position as a pediatrician in a major Saudi hospital in order to embrace motherhood full-time, the reaction I received from my fellow female colleagues came as quite a surprise to me. “Are you crazy?!” “This is the worse …

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Our Milk is More Than Just Food

Breastfeeding-umm-layth MANY choose breastfeeding because it’s a baby’s most perfect food. But our milk is more than just food. Even well after our children have finished their “mommy meals” and their hunger is satisfied, our milk continues to provide for them in numerous ways. Our milk is an on-call body …

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Yesterday, I Cried

By Umm Zakiyyah IT was one of those moments when you feel the tugging at your heart and the moisture behind your lids before you decide whether or not you want to… The day started off as normally as one could hope. It was the weekend, a Friday, and I …

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Too Much TV Harms Kids Psychologically

Parents may went to limit their children’s computer use and TV viewing time to ensure their psychological well-being. THE GIST Children who spent two hours or more a day watching TV or playing on a computer were more likely to have psychology difficulties. The negative impact of screen time was …

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Mould your child

Question: There are parents who allow or insist on their children studying subjects, after school, that are not appropriate for Muslims, e.g. Ballet, Modern dancing, Drama, Band, Piano, Cheer-leading etc.There are parents who allow or insist on their children studying subjects, after school, (not required, but optional), that are not …

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