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1,950 SA Muslims Accredited for Hajj 2016

radioislam.co.za Faizel Patel, 2016-04-25   As Hajj 2016 draws close, at least 1,950 South African Muslims have been accredited to perform pilmgrimage in Saudi Arabia this year. The South African Hajj and Umrah Council (SAHUC) released the hajj accreditation list for 2016 yesterday. President of SAHUC Shaheen Essop says people …

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Porn declared an epidemic in Utah

  NEWS/WORLD / 19 April 2016 at 21:47pm By: Sharon Bernstein Sacramento – Utah on Tuesday declared pornography a public health hazard and mandated that computer technicians who find child pornography on a computer to report it to law enforcement authorities in Republican-backed moves supported by the Mormon Church. The resolution declares …

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#ValhallaMosque: When white supremacy is threatened by prayer

The conflict over the construction of the Valhalla Mosque in Pretoria is more than just an isolated display of religious intolerance. It speaks of race dynamics far more complex than that, argues AAISHA DADI PATEL.   Fears of creeping Islamophobia have taken over in Pretoria’s suburb of Valhalla, where angry …

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Cholesterol Ghost Everywhere

By Dr. B. M. Hegde 19 April, 2016 Countercurrents.org This white, powdery, odourless and waxy substance does not even have any taste, but causes so much trouble for almost all those who have the habit of reading today’s health magazines. It does not cause so much havoc for human health …

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The Logic Of Murder In Israel

A Culture Of Impunity In Full View Of The Entire World By Ramzy Baroud 14 April, 2016 Countercurrents.org “Whether he made a mistake or not, is a trivial question,” said an Israeli Jewish man who joined large protests throughout Israel in support of a soldier who calmly, and with precision, …

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Does White Supremacy Pull The Strings In South Africa?

    Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia – 2016-04-12 radioislam.co.za   Former EFF MP and National Convenor of the Black First Land First Movement Andile Mngxitama says South Africa is facing a massive crisis of leadership and vision. Over the past few weeks the country has been faced with a number of …

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