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Four Roads to the Heart

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We have four roads that lead to the heart, the eyes, ears, tongue and mind. The heart takes effect from what we see, hear, speak and think. If we see good, hear good, speak good and think good, then the heart becomes good and allows good actions to flow from the limbs of our body.

If four streams of water flow into a pond, but three streams carry pure water while one stream deposits polluted water into it, then the entire pond will become polluted. For the pond to be pure, all four streams must carry pure water. Thus for our hearts to remain good, our eyes, ears, tongue and mind need to be safeguarded from all types of sin and evil. The month of Ramadaan is the ideal month to train our eyes not to look at the forbidden television screen, our ears not to listen to the forbidden music, our tongues not to engage in backbiting, and our minds not to have ill thoughts of people or fantasize about haraam. Let us strive to have a pure heart, a heart connected to Allah Ta’ala.

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