Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 06 August 2014/08 Shawaal 1435

Tel Aviv’s aggression, which has claimed more than 1,800 lives since July 8, descended to a fresh low when the Israeli Defence Force killed 10 civilian Palestinians and injured many more after shelling a United Nations school in Gaza’s Rafah on Sunday. Last week, 15 Palestinians were killed by the IDF when it attacked a UN site used to shelter thousands of Gaza residents fleeing Israeli terror. Clearly, Hamas, Tel Aviv’s declared enemy, couldn’t have been the target.

Since the beginning of this week, another 20 Palestinian civilians have been killed in Israeli terror attacks on Gaza and West Bank neighbourhoods. The death toll includes children, women and the elderly. Thousands have suffered shrapnel and gun shot injuries.

All of this has turned Gaza, an open-air prison housing 1.5m people, into a major humanitarian crisis. Scarce as they are, ambulances have fallen victim to IDF’s random bombs and missiles. “The medical centre is appealing urgently … for ambulances in order to deal with the ongoing Israeli occupation and aggression. We need the ambulances in order to reach the houses and the affected people, there,” Sawa’ed international co-operation manager Alaa Abu Shabaan Sawa’ed told Cii Radio.

Due to the ongoing Israeli shelling, added the NGO’s Abu Shabaan, Gaza already-screeching and reeling healthcare sector is now on its knees and, with no medicines and the very few ambulances bombed by Israel, humanitarians expect things will only worsen.

“When the Israelis target, they cannot differentiate, you know, whether it’s an ambulance or a humanitarian facility or even if it’s the UN school,” Abu Shabaan told Sabahul Khair, adding that even hospitals, such as Shifa, haven’t escaped Israel’s onslaught. This confirms that the IDF, with its lousy search-for-Hamas fiction, has turned Gaza into a killing field as many across the globe are starting to see the truth and consequently express their outrage at these atrocities. Relating to her personal experience, Abu Shabaan said the civilians can’t escape Israel’s terror. “We tried to evacuate to many places but there is no place (to hide). From the seaport, they are shelling. From the air, they are shelling, from the ground they are shelling.”

Media practitioners and healthcare workers have also been killed since Israel, under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, launched its latest terror campaign a month ago after the formation of Palestine’s unity government.

“There is no (specific) target for the Israeli. They are trying to create damage everywhere. They are trying to target everywhere – even hospitals,” she said, and referred to the destruction of Shifa hospital – the main sanctuary in the distressed Gaza. As it is, bodies are lying on the floors of clinics and ice cream as well as vegetable freezers are now makeshift mortuaries amid the Israeli onslaught. The situation is beyond dire.

NGOs operating in Gaza have already made requests to foreign companies, especially in Cairo, to buy ambulances but are yet to raise funds to replace the vehicles brazenly destroyed by Israel’s state violence (clearly not aimed at fighting Hamas or other liberation forces). Cii Projects has also initiated an ambulance drive for Gaza. To find out how you can assist, click here