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This is for person who is giving Sadqa and the person who has become means for this Sadqa.

1. Charity is a gate from one of the gates of heaven

2. Sadqa is one of the best deeds from all the good deeds, and the best form of Sadqa is to feed the hungry.

3. Sadqa will be a shade on the the day of Judgment and will be a means of escape from the fire.

4. Sadqa cools the wrath of Almighty Allah and it’s a means of cooling the heat of the grave.

5. Sadqa is a best and most profitable gift for the deceased and Allah keeps increasing the reward of Sadqa.

6. Sadqa is a cleanser, it purifies ones nafs, and it’s a means of increasing good deeds.

7. Sadqa on judgement day will be a means of bringing happiness and freshness on the face of the person who gave it.

8. Sadqa is a source of comfort and calm from the horrors of judgement day and it removes the sorrow and regrets of the past.

9. Sadqa is a means of forgiveness and cleansing of bad deeds.

10. Sadqa is glad tiding for good death and a means of being included in the angel’s (dua) prayers.

11. The person who gives Sadqa is among the best of the people and the reward of Sadqa will be for everyone who were involved in this Sadqa.

12. The Sadqa giver receives glad tidng of great rewards.

13. The Sadqa giver is included in the jamat of Muttaqeen (people who have fear of Allah) and the creation of Allah loves that person.

14. Sadqa is a symbol of generosity.

15. Sadqa is a means of acceptance of dua and removal of calamities.

16. Sadqa removes trails and tribulations and closes 70 doors of evils.

17. Sadqa increases ones well being, wealth and sustenance and brings success.

18. Sadqa is a treatment, a medicine and also a cure .

19. Sadqa protects from burning in fire, from drowning , from theft and bad death.

20. Sadqa is rewarded even if it’s done towards a bird or an animal.

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