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4 ways changing your password can change your marriage

The ways your daily log in onto Facebook etc can help your marriage may be surprising.
  • Your online routine could be helping you do more than you think. Whether you are logging into your computer at work or checking your social media pages, entering a password or two has become a daily habit. For some, passwords just need to meet a “7 characters, a capital letter, and a number” requirement, but these little passcodes could help you love your husband more.

    Passwords are meant to keep others out, but they can also allow your love and marriage in through guarded walls. Changing your password to a sentimental note about your spouse can help strengthen your love. Can you imagine how routinely typing “I Love (your husband’s name)” could help your relationship and marriage?

    Here are four ways this tiny switch could have major benefits for your marriage.

  • 1. Logging into love

    As you log into your computer, typing in a loving phrase serves as a daily reminder that you love your husband. You may be saying “I love you” aloud each morning, but how often are you typing this important phrase out? Saying it and typing it can reinforce this fact and help you keep it on your mind while you are logged in.

  • 2. Hit “Like” if you love your husband

    Typing out the fact you adore your spouse will mentally help you to think about loving him. This extra dose of thinking may come in handy in many other ways. You may be reminded to send him a text wishing him good luck for the day, or to remember you have plans together that night. Also, if you are using social media to distract yourself from an argument that happened earlier in the day, a loving reminder through your password can help dispel ill feelings.

  • 3. You are always on my mind

    If at times you are apart from you husband, passwords help to integrate your spouse in a routine where they normally aren’t present. When you log in during the afternoon after he has been at work for a few hours, you have a little reminder about your loving relationship. It may not be much, but this reminder throughout your day could help you more fully appreciate the times when he is near you.

  • 4. < 3 < 3 < 3

    It may be stealing a phrase out of your grade school education, but repetition is the key to memorization. Not that you need to memorize the fact that you love your husband, but it can help you really cement this fact into you brain. Having a password you repeatedly type out helps this process. Using your husband’s name or a loving phrase about him reinforces that he is a major (and positive) part of your life. Though you may know this in your heart, knowing in your mind helps to connect the two.

    As an aside, passwords are to maintain security. Be sure to add numbers, capital letters, and other variations to fit password requirements and maintain high levels of security.

    These four reasons may not seem to have the power to change your marriage. You love your husband for certain reasons that may have gotten lost in the mix of life, kids and years of marriage. However, this simple action of changing your passwords serves as a daily reminder that can help you rediscover and strengthen your love and marriage.

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