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9 signs that you are a stranger:

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1. when you get up for fajr when others are having sweet dreams and you pray asr when others are busy in office work, selling in markets.
2. when you pay zakat when others find it unfair.
3. when you avoid alcohol while others say “its ok to have some fun”.
4. when you dont have boy/girl friend but others say “you are wasting your youth”.
5. when you dont take bank interest when others think that its a profit on your savings and its halaal.
6. when brothers dont show their thighs in market and sisters their hairs they say be modern.
7. when you avoid watching movies and listening to music and others think that you are becoming too hard.
8. when your fear of Allah cant let you steal even a toffee from supermarket and others say that you are crazy.
9. when you want to live Islam and others say ” you are becoming backward”.

Prophet (peace be upon him) said “Islam began as something strange and will return as something strange as it began, so give glad tidings to the strangers”. (sahih muslim)

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