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A Poem for a Good Life


 Carefully choose your life’s match

And fall not into any cheap traps

Remember problems must hatch

Your happiness, it must not snatch

For when the devil knocks at your latch

Your patience will, surely cover the patch

Leaving no trace of any scratch

Except happiness you can catch



 Water is so precious

And has no taste

But yet so delicious

And still goes to waste



 Life is so precious

But yet it goes to waste

May seem delicious

But yet it has no taste


 The greatest personality of all times

 Sent down as guidance to mankind

The worlds problems did he unwind

With better solutions he could find

That were impossible for the human mind

Our salvation was his perpetual concern

The hereafter being the point of no return


His illuminative heart in constant remembrance

His golden actions leading the way to eternal deliverance

His simple speech knocked at every heart

His fragile finger split the moon apart


Serenity, joy and security marked His presence

Instability, sadness and danger marks His absence


As such, adding his golden touch

Is really not asking for much


The intact man

 His face was once beautified by a natural beard

Until foolishly, like a sheep sheared

The loss of handsomeness was foolishly feared

Small horrid stumps soon appeared

Leaving him totally weird

Resembling a forest been seared


Just when he envied everything cleared

Unseen ugliness was being gradually reared

All his sweet plans reverse geared


Therefore grow a natural beard

 And be righteously steered



 The inside story to the outside world

The world, appealing on the outside, deceiving in the inside

Tasty on the outside, nasty in the inside

Fame on the outside, shame in the inside

Gain on the outside, pain in the inside

Bright on the outside, night in the inside

Walling on the outside, falling in the inside

The world, starting on the outside, departing in the inside


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