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All that Glitters


You refresh your timeline on Facebook and there it is a stunning selfie of your friend and her husband on their anniversary holiday in Paris.Beautiful smiles plastered across the the screen as they pose happily infront of the Eiffel tower.You feel a tinge of jealousy as your husband is working late again and you are at home looking after your 2 energetic toddlers. Your heart burns.

You see your cousin gracefully approaching your table at your relatives wedding her hands often reach her dainty neck as she adjusts her gorgeous diamond necklace. You greet her warmly yet you feel so inferior. Your heart secretly wishes your husband could oneday afford to surprise you with such a stunning gift.

You stop at the robot and the luxury car next to you hoots and you notice your friend driving the latest BMW.You greet each other and she speeds off. Your heart is disappointed as your car just broke down this morning and you had to call your brother to help you kick start it again.

You enter a beautiful sea facing villa,the kind of houses top billing feature. Your sister in law is the perfect host at their house warming.Your heart secretly wishes this was your house and your mind betrays your husband for a minute as you feel you should have married a more affluent and wealthy man.

Remember all that glitters is not gold, silver,diamonds or platinum…

The trip to Paris was an escape from her depression as she and her husband try to save their marriage.They have been failing to conceive for many years unfortunately this may just be their last holiday together.

The necklace your cousin flaunted on her neck was never a gift it was an apology from her husbamd for the date he went on with his secretary and for the suggestive messages to other woman that his wife found on his phone. Her forgiveness was very expensive.

The car your friend cheerfully sped away in is a gift from her beloved father as he has been diagnosed with cancer and although he did not tell her as yet,he just wanted to see her happy for a few weeks before she breaks down on hearing about his illness.

The villa your brother in law bought was a thank you to his wife for always being his rock of support when he needed to build his business she used to make savouries and rotis to sell in order for him to save a capital.Now that his business is thriving he wants her to rest in luxury.

Never lose your sukoon(peace) and burn your heart with jealousy and greed over the blessings that Allah has bestowed on others as Allah has also given them battles you may not know of to fight daily. Your happiness lies in what you have and your reward lies in being grateful for what you have..

All that glitters may just be a shiny tin clip amongst the rubble…

Be genuinely happy for others and it will come back to you a million times more..

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