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Be pleased with Allah

Along with having faith in the phrase, “I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, with Islam as my religion, and with Muhammad as a Messenger,” you must also be pleased with Allah’s commandments and decrees.

When you are selective in your belief in pre-ordainment, your belief is incorrect. Being selective means to be pleased and contented with only those decrees that are compatible with your desires, while complaining against and begrudging those decrees that go against your desires.

Some people would be pleased with their Lord when things were easy, but they would begrudge His decrees when things became tough.

The Desert Arabs announced their Islam openly, and when they found ease and profit in what was revealed, they would say, “This is a good religion.” They would then obey commandments and observe their religious duties.

But when they found the opposite – draught and poverty, for example ______ they would turn away in disdain, abandoning their religion. The one who practices Islam in this way always expects ease in fulfilling his personal desires.

Whoever is chosen by Allah to worship Him and to carry the flag of Islam, and then is not pleased with this honor, deserves a perpetual and eternal torment.

Contentment is a path that is followed by people who want to live according to a higher code, a code that is followed by those who are close to Allah.
Those who truly find Allah’s pleasure will not then trade it for even the entire world; there is nothing comparable to the reward of Allah’s pleasure.

The tremendous sacrifices and efforts of the Companions could not be compensated by paltry worldly tokens; a just reward for them could only be given to them in the Hereafter.

The level of the Prophet’s contentment and pleasure with his Lord is beyond our ability to describe. He was pleased with his Lord in richness and in poverty, in health and in sickness, in harsh circumstances and in comfort.

He experienced the bitterness and sadness of being an orphan. At times in his life he could not so much as find the pit of a date to eat; to alleviate the pangs of hunger, he (bpuh) would tie a stone around his stomach. He had to leave his armor with a Jew as collateral in order to borrow wheat from him. His bed was straw, which would poke into his side and cause pain. Sometimes three whole days passed before he managed to find anything to eat. Despite all of these hardships, he was pleased with Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

Blessed be He Who, if He will, will assign you better than [all] that, Gardens under which rivers, flow [Paradise] and will assign you palaces [i.e. in Paradise].  (Qur’an 25: 10)

In short, at every moment of his life, he was pleased with his Lord, the reward for which is mentioned in this verse:

And verily; your Lord will give you [all i.e. good] so that you shall be well-pleased. (Qur ‘an 93: 5)

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