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Beautiful Beloved Master & Leader Muhammad ﷺ


A Tribute Inspired by the Radio Islam Random Act of Kindness Campaign, Ramadhaan 1437



There were many men who were kind to me.

But he was different.

And, sometimes “different” makes all the difference.


Her husband was home.

She immediately sensed the radiance of his presence.  It wasn’t that the tiny size of her room made it obvious, but that his presence always felt brighter than the sun. Nay, it felt brighter than a thousand splendid suns.

For that is the brilliance of a Beloved.

He smiled.

“Will you pray for me?” she asked in Arabic.

“Oh Allah, forgive Ayesha for the sins she has committed in the past and for the sins she has not yet committed, and the sins she has hidden and the sins she has made public” he replied in the language of like.

She was elated.  When her smile could grow no broader, he asked if his words had brought her joy.

After she confirmed her pleasure at his prayer, he said:

“By Allah, this is the supplication I make for my Ummah in every single Salaah”

His Ummah – the Ummah of the beloved Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) – the Ummah that includes you and me.

I am elated. When my smile can grow no broader, I realize no act will ever be kinder – for show me a man who will remember, those who treat him like a stranger?

I rejoice as I remember this act of kindness.

Though it was never random, it was filled with Divine Wisdom. It is human to be kind to someone in their presence, but it’s divine to be kind to someone in their absence.

There are many people who are kind to me.

But, Muhammad is different.

And his “different” makes all the difference.


Now, it’s time for me to make a difference – and all it takes is a random act of kindness.

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