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Boston Bombings-A False Flag Attack by America!

Writer and radio host Steven Lendman says the story regarding the sequence of events surrounding the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and killing of Tamerlan the alleged Boston Marathon bombers has serious questions that need to be addressed.

Speaking to Radio Islam, Lendman says the war on Islam is continuing. “I really believe it is. I don’t think it we ever going to get smoking gun evidence, but I am waiting for as much as possible. It certainly has all the earmarks of a false flag.”

Lendman said the most important question to ask is key bono, who benefits and certainly that the two Tsarnaev brothers had nothing whatsoever to gain from anything approaching the bombing. “To stage a high profile terrorist attack, the only things that would happen is they would literally bring the wrath of God down on themselves. They wouldn’t have a moments peace, certainly they had to know this,” said Lendman.

He reiterates that as far as key bono goes, there is no question that the US government, war profiteers and everybody connected to the national security state benefits most from the bombing. Lendman said he had written dozens of articles on the FBI’s involvement in entrapping innocent Muslims in a America into doing something they never conceived or imagined of doing.

Lendman highlights that he knows the area where the bombs exploded as he grew up in Boston. He argues that if the FBI were following the Tsarnaev brothers and monitoring their every move for years, why didn’t they halt the actions of the brothers before the moment of truth like they caught other people in the past?

Lendman laughed off that the Tsarnaev brothers carried the pressure cookers in their back packs citing his mother had a pressure when he was growing up. “I can’t imagine the kind of back packs I see people wear, the same ones that these young man wore. I mean they wear them on the streets of Chicago all the time. You could put books in them, you could put other things that are rather flat, but a pressure cooker? A pressure cooker is pretty big,” said Lendman.

In earlier reports by media it was indicated that the older brother Tamerlan wore an explosive vest and photos of his body showed him riddled with bullets and shrapnel head to toe and wasn’t blown to pieces. Lendman said he made the same point and saw an image of Tamerlan where his arms were outstretched with fingers extended over his head. “He was clearly trying to surrender. If he had an explosive vest on…he literally would have been dismembered.”

On the media reporting on the bombing by the various media houses, Lendman says that CNN was caught red handed with a bald faced lie. He said the broadcaster referred to dark skinned individuals while the FBI released pictures of the suspects that clearly showed Caucasian young men.

Asked whether the US will now be considering a war with Chechnya because the alleged bombers were Chechnyan. Lendman says he can’t imagine a war with Chechnya… “This organization said they have absolutely no, no connection to these brothers.”

Lendman said that Chechnya is not waging any kind of war with America. “Their beef is with Russia not America. They didn’t plan this Boston attack; they don’t plan any other attacks. They are simply unconnected in every way and I believe them…who have heard of any extremist group, foreign extremist group staging violent attacks in America? The 9/11 one excluded which I absolutely am convinced and the evidence is so overwhelming that it was an inside job.”

“I believe the Boston bombings were another inside job and I think sooner or later there’ll be enough evidence to come out to prove it. And these young kids I believe was set up as patsies. They had nothing to do with it, one brother is dead the other is seriously hurt. The best he has to hope for is that he will regain as much of his health as possible and minimally I would think he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison, but he’ll get the death penalty,” added Lendman.

Responding to a question why is the war on Islam gone back to mongering by the US, Lendman said America needs enemies. He said that the only way America can convince the public to go along with its policies whether its repressive laws at home, foreign imperial wars, is to convince most people that a real threat exists.

“They don’t exist! The last time America was threatened was before Japan surrendered in August 1945…! All the wars that followed the same thing. Truman war in Korea, the Vietnam War, all imperial wars. None of those countries had any hostile intent against America. America was the aggressor; America has been the aggressor every year since. This is the way America operates.

Lendman said America has never had a year of peace. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s George Bush or Obama or anybody. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Harry Truman Dwight Eisenhower and even Kennedy were all involved in war.

He reiterated that Kennedy was the only US president after World War 2 that had enough of America’s wars and wanted to end the Vietnam War. “I think that was the main reason he was assassinated and it wasn’t by Lee Harvey Oswald. It was probably by CIA operatives or people they hired to do it, hired guns. That was the price Kennedy paid so America could continue with imperial wars.
Faizel Patel, Radio Islam News

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