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Call to protest Reggies support of Israeli ethnic cleansing

Qaanitah Hunter – Cii News| November 1, 2012

A protest is set to take place against South African toy store, Reggies, who
stand accused of supporting the ‘ethnic cleansing’ of Palestinians, on Sunday.

The toy retailer funds an Israeli para-statal organisation, the Jewish
National Fund (JNF), which is directly involved in the forced removal and
dispossession of the Palestinian people.

In response, a group of concerned Jewish South Africans spearheaded the
creation of a local chapter of the international campaign called “Stop the
JNF” ( www.stopthejnf.org), which has now gained broad-based countrywide

Organizers of the protest said despite numerous appeals to the director of
Reggies, Issy Zimmerman, explaining and detailing the complicity of the JNF
in Israeli human rights abuses, he not only refused to end his involvement
with the JNF but threatened that he would intensify it.

As part of this campaign, protests will be held on Sunday the 4th of November at 11h00 outside selected Reggie’s stores in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg.

“Reggies issued a pamphlet urging children to donate money and support the
JNF – we think it is totally inappropriate,” organizer, Alan Horwitz, told Cii News.

He said that they have disguised the true nature of the JNF.

“We believe that the company, when it refused to recall the support, leaves
itself open to further action in terms of a call to boycott,” Horwitz said.

He said the store has an ethical responsibility to its customers and to
society at large.

Stop the JNF noted that the JNF has, since its inception in 1901, committed
many human rights abuses including:

– The historic and on-going displacement of indigenous Palestinians from
their land;

– The theft of Palestinian property;

– The concealment of destroyed Palestinian villages by building parks and
forests over them;

– The funding of ethnically exclusive settlements solely for Jewish people;

– The destruction of the natural environment – by, for example, the
extensive planting of pine trees and other non-indigenous species and, in so
doing, killing off the natural habitat and laying the ground for devastating


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