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Depression – Audio Talk

DEPRESSION SANDTON 21-01-2022 Harms of depression. Types of depression. Permissible Grief and Mourning. 5 WRONG SOLUTIONS : Anti depressants. Negatives. Digital time. Materialism. Haraam. 3 GOOD SOLUTIONS : Bearable burdens. Difficulty = Two Reprieves. Dhikr and Salaah. Moulana Bilaal Cassim

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Modern to Modest

Every one of us has our own challenges and obstacles which we face in our effort to reach Allah Ta‘ala. One of the most effective ways to gain inspiration to overcome these challenges is to consider other people who are just like us and faced the same challenges, yet overcame …

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The Maktab ( Islamic Learning / Madrasah ) System

by: Moulana Abdool Hamid Ishaq Damaat Barakatuhu We are very lax in paying the Madrasah fees. We generally pay the school fees, give our children their pocket expenses, etc. The pocket expense is sometimes more than the fees. In fact if we are wealthy, we should pay on behalf of …

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The Importance of the MAKTAB (after school Islamic Education)

The first word revealed of the Quran is “Iqra” READ! Seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be educated.   “Read and your Lord is Honourable, who taught(to write) with the pen taught man what he knew not, Those of His servants only who are possesses of knowledge fear Allah; Surely Allah is …

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