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Excluding heirs because of prior gifts

JAMIATUL ULAMA KZN DAILY Q&A Islamic Wills Series –The Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) has launched a series of programs throughout KZN focusing on the importance of an Islamic Will in the life of a Muslim. On Tuesday 5th February, the Jamiat conducted a successful program in Shallcross which was well received …

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Does my daughter’s son inherit?

JAMIATUL ULAMA KZN DAILY Q&A Nasihah (Advice): Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said: “When two Muslims meet and shake hands, their sins are forgiven before they separate” (Abu Dawood, Hadith #: 5214, Narrated by al-Bara) NB. This applies to Mahrams and Muslims of the same gender. It is prohibited to shake …

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Asset division between spouses

Q. I’m married and I possess assets. My wife also possesses her own assets. However, there are certain items in the house that we both use jointly, like the furniture, crockery, etc. I fear that there will be confusion in ascertaining our assets upon our demise. Please advise me what …

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Bequeathing estate to spouse

Q. Me and my wife had a verbal agreement that if i should pass  away she becomes the owner of all what is left behind and vice versa, now that she passed away i am left with the little belongings etc and i would like to know if i am …

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