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Defending Islam

10 Facts Regarding Prophet Isa Jesus (peace be upon him)

 by Mawlana Zubair Sidat بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم 10 FACTS REGARDING PROPHET ʿĪSĀ (PEACE BE UPON HIM) (1) He was sent by Almighty Allah as a messenger and prophet, similar to Prophet Ibrāhīm, Prophet Mūsā and other prophets (peace be upon them all). (2) He is not God or the son of …

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The REAL Christmas Story: How a Prophet was turned into a god

On December 25th, most Christians around the world will be celebrating Christmas, a day that commemorates the birth of who they believe is their Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ. A lot of Muslim commentaries at this time of the year tend to focus on highlighting links between Christmas and the …

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On Mockery

  Our modern culture has embraced mockery of anything and everything to the extent that nothing is off limits as the idea of the Sacred has by and large been discarded. The elders, parents, teachers, religion, prophets, and even God Himself have all become regulars on comedy sketches on television …

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Mockery of Deen

There are many people who, despite their claims to Islam, seek to find fault with or disparage its teachings or beliefs, or make a mockery of Islam. In the early days, we use to travel to India by boat. It took us 21 days to reach Bombay. During my third …

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A book, Perfect Madness by Judith Warner, published by Riverhead Books, tells us that during her research, Warner discovered that: “Seventy percent of American moms say they find motherhood today ‘incredibly stressful.’” “Thirty percent of mothers of young children reportedly suffer from depression.” In the lands where all that glitters is …

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Challenges facing Muslim Youth.

Muslim parents, protect your children from dangers that surround them in this modern world. Some parents want to be careful and protective but just *don’t know* about the various threats to the kids’ health and iman that lurk in western (or even Muslim) societies, because their generation didn’t have this …

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