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Nikah in the Month of Muharram/Safar

Question and Answer: Q. I would like to know if it is permissible to marry in the month of muharram/safar as i am planning a nikah in the month of December in which Muharam/Safar does fall, i have been told that it is not permissible to marry in those months, please …

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Misunderstanding three Talaqs (divorces)

Misunderstanding that a marriage permanently ends only when three Talaqs are issued at once QUESTION Assalam walekum I want to know if my nikkah is still valid or the divorce has taken place. Ive been married for 15 years and have 2 kids. My wife and i always fight and …

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Does a civil divorce equate to a Sharee Talaaq?

QUESTION Assalamu alaikum Dear Mufti saheb, what is the shariah ruling in the fpllowing devorce case where a couple applied for a mutual devorce in the court and they had to sign anaffidavit under oath, affidavit says as follow,   ” There is no possibility of reconciliation between us.”   …

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Botox Injections

Question:  I am a general practitioner in UK . My question is it permissible to practice give Botox injections, facial peels, dermabrasions. Mostly done for patients to look younger and good looks. I am mainly thinking of doing it for earning extra money {being honest} I would like to know …

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Some Divorce Questions

بسم الله الرحمن الرحیم (1) If a woman is divorced with 1 revocable divorce and then she is taken back by the husband, does the divorce become cancelled or does it still count as she has been divorced once? It counts as one divorce. (2) If a woman is divorced 1 …

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Consequences of sending explicit pictures to a stranger

QUESTION Assalaamu Alaikum Respected Mufti I have a family friend who is in a dilemma. The family is a reputable and deeni inclined family. Recently his teenage daughter was dating a man from a foreign country. The boy manipulated her and within a month of their relationship she sent explicit …

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