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French Catholics have sexually abused over 330,000 children since 1950

Posted by: Shaheer Choudhury In utterly horrendous findings, a new report has unveiled the true extent to which male and female paedophilia has been freely practised by clergymen, clergywomen, as well as non-clergy members affiliated with the French Catholic Church over the past seven decades. [1] [2] The publication of the damning 2,500-page …

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China’s Chilling use of Cutting Edge Technology

China’s Chilling use of Cutting Edge Technology Posted by: News Editor Multinational and well-known brands such as Huawei have been implicated in developing technology to identify Uyghurs through the use of facial recognition technology.[1] Uyghur face detection (UFD) technology can identify if an individual in a video or image is Uyghur …

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Israeli Terrorist forces injure over 270 Palestinians in West Bank

Posted by: Shaheer Choudhury Apartheid Israeli occupation forces brutally targeted hundreds of Palestinians in the West Bank on Friday, in the latest round of violence rocking the region. Demonstrations continue to be held against Israeli settlers who have encroached upon Palestinian land, and are setting up caravans in areas such as …

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Uyghurs “treated worse than dogs”

Survivors & experts deliver horrific accounts to human rights commission Posted by: Shaheer Choudhury https://www.islam21c.com/news-views/uyghur-tribunal-underway-with-bone-chilling-survivor-testimonies/   The second and third days of evidence gathering for the special Uyghur Tribunal process have passed relatively smoothly. At the same time, however, listening to so many painful and appalling survivor testimonies has undoubtedly been …

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Islamophobia: Macron’s political life-line

On March 30, the French senate voted in favour of adding an amendment to a so-called “Islamist separatist” bill that would – effectively – ban girls under the age of 18 from wearing the hijab in public spaces. File picture: K.M. Chaudary/AP By Suraya Dadoo May 2, 2021 A 15-year …

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Another Ramadan Without Ramadan

Posted by: Arslan Hidayat Congratulations to all for reaching the holy month of Ramaḍān! I would like to remind everyone what this month is all about, and this is a reminder to myself before anybody else.  This month is a month of drinking alcohol, entering beer drinking competitions,[1] eating pork, watching dancing …

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