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Sri Lanka to allow burials for Muslims following international backlash

COVID-19: Posted by: Muhammad Mussa The Sri Lankan government on Wednesday allowed Muslims who have died from COVID-19 the right to be buried after an international outcry over the government’s decision to cremate those who have succumbed to the virus. Prime minister Malinda Rajapaksa and his right-wing government had made it …

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Israeli attack razes village, leaving 41 children homeless

In the violation deemed illegal under international law, the Israeli military left 74 people homeless, 41 of whom are children. Late on Tuesday, IDF soldiers used bulldozers and diggers to demolish nearly 90 Palestinian homes in the northern village of Khirbet Husma, West Bank. The Israeli demolition squad used bulldozers …

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Rohingya Refugees Abused by Bangladesh Officials over Hunger Strike

Oct 08, 2020 News__Ummah A Jazeera reports that photographs of Rohingya men wounded after having been beaten Bangladesh officials were provided to it by activists who did not want to be named as they feared retribution. The Rohingya refugees were reportedly banished to an island off Bangladesh’s coast. They were …

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Human rights watchdog: Nearly 100,000 Syrians still missing

Nearly 100,000 Syrians have been forcibly disappeared between March 2011 and August 2020, according to a human rights watchdog. In total, 99,479 Syrians are still missing since the start of the civil war back in 2011. Syria’s eight-year civil war was born out of peaceful protests by Syrian civilians for …

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Babri Mosque: a conflict manufactured by British lies

“In the name of the One who is the wisest of all, who is the Creator of the universe but Himself has no abode. In thanksgiving to the Prophet of all prophets in the two worlds. In celebration of the glory of Babur qalandar [the recluse] who has achieved great …

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The 14th August Massacre: Remembering Rabaa

Remembering Rabaa: the Consequence of the War of Words A day similar to this, in 2013, marks the massacre we must not forget. It was a day when the Egyptian Military bloodily purged the two squares, Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda, of tens of thousands of innocent protestors supporting their first elected President, Mohammad Morsi, knowing …

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