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Death toll from Kerala floods climbs to 445

27 August 2018 The death toll from floods and landslides in the southern Indian state of Kerala has risen to 445, local media reported Sunday. Triggered by torrential monsoon rains, the floods and landslides have affected 800,000 people, while more than 5,600 people were shifted to relief camps. The search …

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Anniversary of Rabaa Massacre

Five years ago, at least 3000 people were martyred when they peacefully took to the streets in support of their elected President.[1] These deliberate murders—labelled a massacre by many—were carried out by Egyptian ‘Security’ Forces, which killed the people whom it was mandated and entrusted to protect. The orders to carry …

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‘Millions’ of Muslims Forced In To Concentration Camps in China

Mohamed Ameen Dabhelia – 2018/08/15 Chinese authorities in the Muslim region of Xinjiang have forced millions of Muslim Chinese, and even foreign citizens in mass internment camps. Uyghur activist Aidan Anwar told Radio Islam that the authorities want the Muslims to denounce Islam. “Adopt atheism and pledge allegiance to the …

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First woman fined under Denmark’s new niqab ban

Posted by: Habib Momin Following the start of a controversial ban on Wednesday, a 28-year-old niqab-wearing woman is the first to be fined by Danish police. The incident took place on Friday in Horsholm city, in the north-eastern area of Nordsjælland, after police were called to a shopping complex. The woman …

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Daraa: the next people’s held Syrian city to be slaughtered

In almost biblical scenes, nearly beyond imagination, Umm Suleiman, her 5 children and countless other families are stranded on the border with Jordan. Mothers, the elderly and children, exposed to the unrelenting glare of the Sun, dehydrated and starving, trapped between bombs and a border. A desperate elderly man, pleads …

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Private Shooting Incident: You Have Now Shot a Bad Guy

Private Shooting Incident: You Have Now Shot a Bad Guy   By Sergeant Stephen Clark Like any intricate, expensive, dangerous, rare, item that carries a lot of responsibility to own or use, a firearm rates among the highest. Hence, the current Law (FCA 2000) quite rightly enforces a standard of …

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