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Jamiat takes part in SAFM Debate-Part 1

JAMIAT takes part in SAFM Debate on December 4th, 2007 Recently, a volatile incident occurred which caught the attention of the world at large. Gillian Gibbons, an elementary school teacher from England on assignment in Sudan was accused of inciting her six and seven year old students to name a …

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Jamiat takes part in SAFM debate-Part 2

In the last issue of the Al Jamiat we published a transcript of the first half of the debate that took place on SAFM hosted live by, Jeremy Maggs on the 4th of December 2007. Among the panel of guests was Mufti Ebrahim Desai Saahib of Jamiatul Ulama (KZN). The …

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Interfaith There’s an amusing children’s tale about an abandoned lion cub that goes in search of his identity. He met by a mouse that convinces him that he is a rodent based on certain similarities they share. The cub starts behaving like a mouse until he subsequently meets another animal …

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What Exactly Is The Inter-Faith Dialogue?

WHAT EXACTLY IS INTER-FAITH DIALOGUE? “(O Muhammad!) Follow what has been revealed to you from your Rabb. There is no God but He (Allah), and ignore the Mushrikeen.” (Qur’aan) What is ‘Inter-Faith Dialogue’? A grave misconception exists regarding this concept. The shallow-minded Muslim merely looks at the words and concludes …

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