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Al Jamiat Volume 7 No. 1

JAMIAT takes part in SAFM Debate

JAMIAT takes part in SAFM Debate on December 4th, 2007 Recently, a volatile incident occurred which caught the attention of the world at large. Gillian Gibbons, an elementary school teacher from England on assignment in Sudan was accused of inciting her six and seven year old students to name a …

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Is Wealth Really Bad?

Is Wealth really Bad ? Wealth in itself is not bad. In fact the Qur’aan calls it “khair” meaning good. However the manner in which a person will acquire it and use it will indicate as to how beneficial or harmful wealth is to one. If it is acquired through …

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To Follow Imam Abu Hanifa or the Prophet (S.A.W)?

The enemies of Islam, since time immemorial, have made efforts to adulterate Islam and mislead the Muslims. One such endeavour is the futile attempt of some misguided souls to create doubts as regards the persons of the four famous jurists viz:- Imâm Abu Haneefah ,Imâm Mâlik ,Imâm Shâfie  and Imâm …

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