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Another year another Ramadaan.What have we learnt from the last Ramadan?

Did we derive any benefit from the last Ramadan? Did we pause to think about our shortcomings during the past Ramadan and are now prepared to rectify that shortcomings during this Ramadan.

Are we going to continue to mistreat our staff and swear at them during Ramadan? Are we going to allow our staff to read the Zohar namaaz (which is at lunch time and the staff has a legal right to take that lunch time even when he or she is fasting).

Are we going to allow the fasting staff to go home an hour early so that the staff can break fast at the Masjid and read the Maghrib salaat with Jamaat and thereafter take meals with their families?

Are we going to let our staff rest during tea breaks (it is their legal right) or we going to say they are fasting and need no break, while we sit on a soft chair and watch the staff like hawks.

Are we going to lie and cheat in our businesses whilst we are fasting?

Are those who are not fasting GOING to make a huge show to their families and friends as if they are fasting? This is a major sin as you deem them more important than you creator.

Are we going to encourage our children to fast during Ramadan?

Are we going to make sure that our family members dress modestly during Ramadan?

Are we and our family members complete reading the Quran or at least some chapters during Ramadan?

Are we going to stop our wives our ourselves and children from watching TV during Ramadan?

Are we going to ask in a polite manner ( not in an aggressive manner) of our wives and children to read namaz observe fast, and read the Quran during Ramadan.?

Are we going to donate to the needy during Ramadan?

Are we going to pay our Zakaat (which we neglected) during Ramadan?)

It is no use switching off the TV when you have visitors and switch on when they have left as it is Allah your creator, your Master that you disrespect.

Are we going to stop backbiting, gossip, slander and idle talks during the month of Ramadan?

Are we going to go around with a rotten angry demeanour (facial appearance) or a pleasant face during the month of Ramadan?

Please do not get the wrong picture. All the above is a daily requirement in your lives but this ( RAMADAN) is the blessed month and a start should be made during this month to better our lives.

May the Almighty make Ramadan easy upon you and your families and the Ummah of Rasuallah and may we all have a blessed Ramadan.

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