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Covid-19 Regulations Update – June 2021 / Zul Qa’dah 1442


Jamiat KZN Covid-19 Regulations Update – June 2021

Jamiat KZN Covid-19 Regulations Update – June 2021


As of 28 June 2021, the South African government has implemented lockdown level 4. The new regulations imposed by the government will affect our religious practices.


In terms of the Regulations published on 27 June 2021:


  1. a)All Masaajid and Musallas are to be closed with immediate effect(Reg 24 (1))
  2. b)Salaah in congregation in the Masaajid and Musallas are prohibited(Reg 21(3))
  3. c)Any person attending congregational Salaah at a Masjid or Musalla is committing an offence, and on conviction, is liable to a fine or imprisonment or both(Reg 31(1))


It is therefore, with deep regret, that we inform the Muslim public that it is currently illegal (as per government regulations) for Masaajid and Musallas to open during the current lockdown level.  The Jamiatul Ulama KZN will be consulting with legal experts to explore the possibility of raising a legal challenge to the current regulations.



Nonetheless, due to the current regulations, the following should be done:


  1. Azaan will be called out as normal with the addition of Alaa Sallu fi Buyutikum (Pray at your homes) at the end.
  2. Salaah should continue within the parameters of the law.
  3. Family members within the same household should perform Salaah in congregation.
  4. Guidelines for Jumuah Salaah can be viewed here and the Khutbah downloaded here.


We urge the Muslim Ummah to turn to Allah Ta’ala for His help and assistance. Engage in abundant istighfaar and fervent dua to Allah Ta’ala to change conditions for the better. Schedule time daily to sit with one’s family and engage in Taleem, Zikr, and Ibaadah, and motivate each other towards inculcating Taqwa and piety in our lives.

May Allah Ta’ala help us, guide us and protect the Muslim Ummah, Aameen.

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Council of Muslim Theologians

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Durban, South Africa

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