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Doctor’s testimony on Damascus massacre

Cii News | 21 August 2013

The Syrian army attacked several areas of Damascus early on Wednesday, 21 August 2013. This has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of people, including men, women and children. Various reports quote different death toll figures with numbers as high as 1200. The initial reports also suggest that this was a chemical weapons attack.
The translation of the Arabic statement by a doctor involved in the medical treatment of those affected is as taken from YouTube.

In the name of Allah most Gracious, most Merciful. In early morning hours, what happened in the frontline of Jobar was that Ain Tarma was being bombed with chemical weapons. We were aware of the situation at an early time. Thank God, we raised the readiness and the perfection of work. Praise be to Allah,, all the adjacent medical points responded to us, starting from Zamalka medical point, Ain Tarma medical point, Jobar medical point and all the remote medical points. Even Deir Al- Asafeer and Doma medical points have participated in the work and the medical evacuation, may Allah reward them will all the best.

The magnitude of the disaster was huge and the number of the victims and injuries was also so big. We consumed our stock in Jobar of Atropine and Hydrocortisone. I took out alone about 25 thousand needles of Atropine from Jobar warehouse and nearly 7000 needles of Hydrocortisone and about 35 thousand needles with various sizes. And, they have been distributed over the entire medical points in Jobar and Ain Tarma. The medical staff has worked with us actively and vigorously.

The number of the injuries and the victims and martyrs from children and civilians was very very big. The number of children who came to us is very big. The number of children who arrived to me alone was approximately 50. They were martyrs, they did not have any signs of being alive. I moved to Ain Tarma medical point and I provided them with some Atropine. I was also briefed on the work; everybody was working very hard. Some people had to retreat to other points, but they should not have moved; they must work in the frontlines. The negative thing that happened was dealing randomly with the matter and the poor education of citizens. The gas loses its effect after half an hour, but unfortunately citizens hid in basements although the gas is heavy and it comes down to basements. This increased the damages and the number of injuries. With the descending of the citizens to the basements, the number of injuries and martyrs increased. And, the increase in the number of injuries resulted in increasing the workload on us. Thus, we had to raise the maximum readiness with our total disability. We consumed approximately 200 oxygen cylinder in Jobar and Ain Tarma medical points alone.

We’ve got martyrs from our medical staff, may Allah accept them. Our friends also passed away, may Allah accept them. There was ignorance on the part of citizens. In such cases, they must go to the upper floors. Some people also took the initiative to set fires resulting in the increased difficulty in breathing. This had led to more side effects; there was an overlapping of gases and inhalation of burned tire smoke and raging fire gases due to the ignorance of some people in burning tires. This thing should not have occurred. Now, we must work on a complete awareness program in the East Gouta regarding this matter. It should be addressed to citizens not to militants. In the case of chemical gases, they must go to open spaces and to the upper floors. I mean we must protect ourselves from mortar shelling, but we must sit in places which are exposed to air and where there is an air flow to get oxygen and reduce injuries; thus, decreasing the burden of injuries upon us. I can no longer talk! You can videotape the scene and the martyrs in front of you..


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