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“It is mentioned in a Hadith that you should seek sustenance from Allaah Ta’ala by spending in His path. In other words, by your giving charity, Allaah Ta’ala will grant you Barakah in your sustenance.”

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Lillah / Sadaqah

Zakaat / Kaffaarah / Fidyah


The social and welfare activities conducted by the Jamiatul Ulama KZN are as follows:
1. Welfare Relief to those undergoing difficulty with food, rent, lights and water etc.
2. Welfare Relief to refugees.
3. House visits to welfare recipients.
4. Disaster and emergency relief operations.
5. School uniforms and stationary distribution for the underprivileged.
6. Winter warmth project for the underprivileged.
7. Provision of scholarships and bursaries.
8. Various upliftment programmes for the general public.

The Jamiatul Ulama KZN has assisted thousands of needy and destitute people of all races, colour and creed in KZN for the past 59 years.

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Section 18A Tax Exemption Certificates: A donation to the Jamiatul Ulama KZN entitles the donor to claim back up to 10% of one’s taxable income. This allows individuals and companies to assist the effort of Deen or to discharge their Zakaat while at the same time recouping some of the monies donated from their taxes!

Kindly note that Section 18A Tax Exemption Certificates are only issued on request.

Request and proof of donation must be submitted to &

Jamiat Banking details can be accessed here.