Shoks Mnisi Mzolo – Cii News | 05 Safar 1436/ 28 November 2014

Thousands of Egyptians are taking to the streets today to protest against continued state violence and oppression, the way of life since the ouster of President Mohamed Morsi, the North African country’s first-democratically elected leader. Having suffered decades of Washington-supported dictatorship, pre-Morsi, Egypt degenerated into chaos of worst kind when the coup d’état regime, under Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, propped by British-led West colonialist project, took power.

El-Sisi’s forces are bracing themselves for widespread, youth-driven anti-government protests throughout Egypt. Contrary to previous reports, the protest was not initiated by Salafist Front (but grew organically from the ground, along the lines of the Arab Spring) nor is it a religious but about erosion of Egyptian identity and human rights issues, explained Prof Sakr Nidal, chairperson of March for Justice in an interview with Cii this morning. “Muslim Brotherhood has recently endorsed this uprising of the Egyptian youth and, now, it’s become like a grassroots movement with many people joining,” Nidal said.

Obviously, the Muslim Youth Intifada will not bring El-Sisi down today. However, March for Justice, an anti-coup regime and pro-democracy grouping, sees it as a renewal and catalyst. Nidal said he was hopeful the youth-initiated and mass-followed movement could help break the fear barrier, which has helped sustain the coup regime, but will go a long way towards shaking the dictatorship.

“Today’s going to be very instrumental in terms of breaking that (fear) barrier (in ordinary people’s minds). It’s going to be decisive in terms of (instilling fear) in the hearts of the regime and its police and its soldiers. I think it’s going to shake the coup very strongly. I believe that, Insh’Allah, it’s going to be the beginning to an elaborate decisive campaign. We’re not only planning not only for November 28… that’s the beginning,” said Nidal. “We pray that November 28 will be the beginning of the end.”

Notwithstanding threats from El-Sisi’s generals the marchers were unrelenting. Interior minister Mohamed Ibrahim Moustafa has notably threatened that coup regime’s forces will unleash deadly violence and shoot at protesters. The threats don’t surprise Nidal who, in an interview with Sabahul Khair, argued that this regime “knows nothing but blood, nothing but murder”. Cairo’s record, and ever-mounting death toll, speaks for itself.

“Since when does the El-Sisi regime not use live ammunition? It’s the only response that we have seen from the Sisi regime since the coup regime (took over). We’ve seen people being killed every single day, everywhere, on the streets, on university campuses, and not to mention, of course, the torture and deaths in jail,” the academic said, describing Moustafa’s threats as “nothing new”.

In addition to drawing young and old ordinary and apolitical Egyptians, from different parts of the religious spectrum, the Muslim Youth Intifada has received some backing from the Salafist Front, Al-Asala, Islamic Jihad, Jamaa Islamiyya and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Turning to links between Zionism and El-Sisi’s regime, itself is a product of the West, which in turn is as guilty of the protracted holocaust-powered subjugation of, notably, the people of Palestine, Nidal said the Cairo militarist was now “outperforming the Israelis, the Zionists and the Americans in fighting Islam and Muslims, including Egyptians.” The March for Justice leader dismantled the security risk theory often retailed by El-Sisi to assault Sinai and put down the dictator’s actions to the coup system’s obsession to break Hamas in the blockaded Gaza Strip – in Palestine.

“At the same time he’s trying to make Sinai a safe haven for the Israelis,” said the Egyptian of his autocratic leader whose rule has returned Egypt to oppression and re-transformed the neighbouring Gaza into the world’s largest open-air prison. El-Sisi has turned out to be a perfect puppet for the Zionists behind the protracted genocidal project to exterminate Palestinians, a Semitic grouping. “He’s committing crimes that Israelis themselves could not even commit in Sinai,” Nidal said of El-Sisi’s reign of terror. “It is serving the interests of Israel to have him in power.”

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