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Examination Do’s and Don’ts

Examination Do’s and Don’ts


1. Manage your studying. Do not lock yourself away with your books 24 hours a day. If you study for long periods will stop you really absorbing what you read, rather break up periods of studying with periods of relaxation. Reward yourself for your hard work with small treats!

2. Eat healthy well balanced meals and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid too much caffeine, e.g. coffee, tea and fizzy drinks which tend to give you a quick ‘high’ followed by an energy slump.

3. Good sleep is vital and exam stress sometimes makes sleeping difficult, so set a definite time to go to bed and stick to it. A light snack or a glass of milk and a warm bath will help you relax before bed.

4. Keep a positive mental attitude and be confident in yourself as self-affirmation really works, tell yourself that you can do it, and generally psyche yourself up.

5. Plan ahead and work with a revision timetable – start planning well before exams begin. Intelligence is good planning!

6. Try using key words or spider charts/mind maps. Drawing diagrams or brain aids helps one remember.

7. Highlight salient points when taking notes as an aid for future revision or if you need to clarify something with a tutor.

8. Look at past exam papers and try answering some of the questions.

9. Ask for help if there are things you don’t understand.

10. Relieve your stress by taking out time for Zikr as the remembrance of THE ALMIGHTY is a great source of comfort and tranquillity!


1. Don’t leave revision to the last minute.
2. Don’t avoid revising subjects you don’t like or find difficult.
3. Don’t cram ALL night before an exam.
4. Don’t spend too much time analysing your performance after the examination, this almost inevitably leads to anxiety since we all focus more on what we have done wrong, rather than what we have done correctly.
5. Don’t forget that there is a life beyond revision and exams.
6. Don’t arrive at the exam too early – waiting around can be unnerving 15/20 minutes is quite enough.
7. Don’t forget to perform ALL your Salaah, recite THE HOLY QURAAN, obey your parents, make Dua and fulfill your moral and religious obligations to fellow human beings.


The Jamiatul Ulama KZN takes this opportunity to wish all our matriculants well in their examination.

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