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Family First!

We are at the peak of danger.

Shaykh Hassan’s address to a group of students is worthwhile reading and considering.

Where are we heading in a time with our path filled with predators while the caravan of homes proceeds unattended ?
Wake up!!!!

There will be nothing left called family.
The home is devoid of any feelings while FaceBook is filled with feelings and love…

A home where each individual is in an independent state, isolated from the other and connected to another person outside home whom he does not know and to whom he is not related…

A home where there are no family reunions , no dialogues , no discussions and no comforting. These are spider webs , weak.  The father around whom the family used to gather is a Router… and the mother who used to bring all together with her love and compassion has become a TV screen.

The mother , the father , the children , from responsible people , they have become beggars… they beg a like from here and a fake praise from there and an interaction with this or that. We are now begging compassion from strangers after we kept our compassion from the close ones.

A wife who comments on all the posts of men who are strangers and admires their personal pictures while her husband is still waiting for her to express one feeling of real admiration !!

A husband who is being nice to this one and nice to the other one and they are far from him and strangers whilst his wife is next to him but she has not seen anything nice or kind coming from him.
A mother that keeps track of everything on the social media , does not miss a post without reacting to it , but does not know anything about her home and will not add to its cosiness or quietitude or caring.
A father concerned about everything happening in the world , analysing and theorizing on all weekly events but does not know what is happening in his home and cannot understand why emotions and spiritual life have become drained.

A mother affected by this young man who writes : I am sad , while ignoring that her daughter is drowning in sadness and loneliness.
A father, trying to council a lady going through a mental crisis without being concerned about his daughter who goes from crisis to crisis. A son, admiring all the facebook profiles and finds a guide in them and respects them and shows gratitude to what they post while his father who toils for him doesn’t hear any gratitude or praise.

Why has our life become like this ?

Because we look for what we want outside. We are looking for our goal outside the home . We want to fulfill our goal outside the wall of the home, with the others, with the ones who are far, with the strangers, with those whom we do not know. We have started loving strangers and feeling affections for them.

What is the solution?

The solution is that we find out that our true goal is the one that starts from our homes with our family, that we become convinced, at least once, that our schools, our universities, our institutes, our factories, our frontlines, have been made by those pure homes, secured homes, those homes that were built by purity, before being built by stones. And we should know that when we start achieving our goals in our homes before going out to the streets, most of our problems will be solved.

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