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Rasulullah Sallallahu alaihi wasallam has said, “A Believer is one who people are attracted to. There is no goodness in a person who does not love and who is not loved.”                                           (Ahmad)  



The Holy Prophet Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam has said: “The pious of my Ummah and I are free of formalities.”
Formality includes each of the following instances:
(1)    Not to overdo in the preparation of food.
(2)    Not to overdo in decorating and beautifying of one’s home when anticipating the visit of one’s friend.
(3)    If some task is being done jointly, then one should avoid formalities such as:-
(a)  reminding the other of what one has done.
(b) not helping one’s friend to lighten his burden.
(c) resigning before the completion of the task or periodically
      threatening resignation.


Hadrat Abu Hafs Haddaad Alaihir Rahmah once visited Baghdad with some friends. Hadrat Junaid Baghdadi Alaihir Rahmah used to prepare very sumptuous meals each day. Hadrat Abu Hafs Haddaad Alaihir Rahmah commented: “You are preparing various delicacies for my friends but according to us, to discard formalities and present whatever is at hand (even if it be dry bread) is better. This is because formalities often lead to separation with the guests whilst simplicity and discarding of formalities leads to the strengthening of ties and increase in the respect of the friends.” 

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