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Fun and Good Times – All the Time? … But of course

Imagine a world of total peace and harmony, no fuel price increases, free electricity, zero percent global warming, no harmful gas emissions, total wireless communication, mega fast accident free instant travel options, etc, etc.

The good news is that all this and much more will soon be a reality and far sooner than you can ever imagine. This idyllic resort is none other than the beautiful JANNAH that Allah Ta’ala has created, a Jannah more pleasurable than a thousand earthly holidays, more exotic than the most enticing of islands, far more captivating than the superficial entertainments of the whole universe combined. Moreover, the doors to this fantastic invaluable heavenly destination are open to ALL, young and old, man and woman, rich and poor, educated and uneducated … so what holds us back? Why do we tarry? Let us hitch onto the highway of divine obedience thereby guaranteeing our off shore investment of a piece of this magical JANNAH!

Of course, the missing ingredient is Hidayah – guidance from the side of Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala is Al – Haadi – The Guider – the prerogative of bestowing guidance is His alone, yet we can earn Hidayah through our yearning, quest and continuous duas. That person who longs to come closer to Allah Ta’ala, Allah Ta’ala will never abandon him. Sooner or later he is imbued with the Hidayah to turn towards good and to shun evil.

A Thought Provoking Incident

Consider the example in the recent past of a young indigenous brother Zaheer, who in the year 2008 was enrolled in one of our Madrasahs in KZN catering primarily for the indigenous populace. Having spent a year at the Madrasah, Alhamdulillah, the seeds of Imaan and Hidayah were planted into Zaheer’s young 15 yr old heart. The efforts of his Deeni Taaleem, Tarbiyah and character building must have struck some measure of acceptance in the court of Allah Ta’ala. However, sadly at the end of 2008, his mother (a non Muslim) decided to remove her son from the said Madrasah and in 2009 enrolled him elsewhere at a non Islamic institute. Efforts to bring him back to the Madrasah proved fruitless. Nonetheless, the flame of Imaan was burning fiercely in Zaheer’s heart and throughout 2009, he continuously pleaded with his mother to allow him to return to the Madrasah. She however always refused on some pretext or the other, usually citing financial constraints.

When a year had passed in this condition and the December holidays had crept in (with all its evils and temptations). Zaheer now requested permission to at least spend his holiday at the Madrasah. His mother grudgingly agreed, but could not procure the funds required for travel purposes. Zaheer in the meanwhile turned his focus firmly to Allah Ta’ala and boldly announced that despite not being in possession of any resources, on so and so date he would be departing for Madrasah. Allah Ta’ala always answers the cry of the one that knocks on His door. His grand scheme began to fall into place. The hand of Allah Ta’ala was soon to manifest itself in Zaheer’s life. The chosen day had finally dawned – the day in which Zaheer would leave home and somehow find his way to the Madrasah that he had been pining for, for an entire year.

Financial assistance had not yet materialized, as chance would have it, a Jamaatfrom that very Madrasah arrived on that particular day to Zaheer’s hometown and in the course of their Ghust eventually found themselves at Zaheer’s door!!!

Chance, coincidence you might say – NO! This was the finely tuned system of Allah Ta’ala moving into motion. Zaheer was obviously overjoyed to meet his Ustaad and classmates of 2008 and gleefully informed his mother that Allah Ta’ala had arranged for this transportation. His mother was instantly shocked and had to finally concede that this was indeed a divine force taking control of matters.

Zaheer subsequently joined the Jamaat immediately and when they returned to Madrasah a few days later, he returned with and thus spent the December holiday in the path of Allah Ta’ala. Your Dua’s are urgently needed that Allah Ta’ala accepts Zaheer’s sacrifices, blesses him with the knowledge of Deen, utilizes him for the service of Deen and that He grants Hidayah to Zaheer’s family members.

This moving narrative of a determined youngster should serve as a sufficient incentive for us all to motivate ourselves for our Deen, to take from the courage of this young new Muslim and thus apply ourselves more diligently in our Ibadah, Tilawah, Du’a, Salaah, etc. This will in turn attract and draw the much-needed Hidayah from Allah Ta’ala which will then guarantee a smooth sojourn from this world to the next … to the land of endless holidays and merry making, to the land of Jannatul Firdous. May Allah Ta’ala grant us all entry into this highest and most beautiful of Jannahs, Aameen.

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