Bint Ahmed Sulaymaan – Cii Radio | 17 Shawaal 1436/03 August 2015

Anyone who uses popular social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, Vine etc – will testify that they are inundated with information. It would be fair to say that humankind is smothered by information. We are asphyxiated by the miserable news of the happenings in the world and strangled by the bits of useless celebrity information and persistent personal posts of friends, acquaintances and even foes.

Our minds are boggled with too much. Moments have never been more fleeting than now, only to be captured in a picture posted on these sites for all to see for eternity – the full magnitude of their meaning oblivious to us.

We click without thinking about the consequences of what we share, be it by posting trendy articles promoting the flagrant disregard of Islamic injunctions or uploading pictures of ourselves in the latest fashions, or in the act of doing a good deed or giving charity. And we do it under the pretext of freedom of expression. Being honest with ourselves, it is seeking the validation through likes and compliments for our misguided ideas, image or generosity.

While we educate ourselves about the lowly offerings of this world it would be important to learn the Hadith: “Whoever starts (or sets an example of) something evil in Islam, will bear the burden for that, and a burden equal to that of everyone who does it after him, without that detracting from their burden in the slightest.” [Muslim]

Be aware of feeling happy with yourself if you push a fellow Muslim sister or brother away from the path of Allah. Be aware of feeling happy with yourself and pleased if the one destined for Hell, shaytaan, uses you as a means of filling a brother or sister’s heart with lust towards you instead of filling it with love towards Allah. You should cry. You should cry with sadness that you have become a mudallil – one who misguides.

Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) would make a dua to Allah saying, “Oh Allah make us guided and people who guide others and don’t make me go astray or make a person go astray.”

The photo you upload of yourself edited, brightened and cropped, it is not just for your personal pleasure. What is your true intention behind this action? Is our self respect so low that we seek other’s acceptance through our physical appearance?

And what of promoting evil? What about endorsing that latest music video that invites others to commit zina of the eyes and ears? What about supporting that sister’s article that ridicules hijab and invites others to strip off theirs because it’s about “what’s inside”?

We do it to capture the hearts of others, be they Muslim or not. We seek people’s acceptance, forgetting about seeking the acceptance of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala. It is not fair to say that you remove yourself from the way people react and respond to what you share. There is no joy or satisfaction to be had if you have pushed another Muslim away from Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

Think before you post. Is what you upload, be it a picture of yourself, another person, an idea, a thought, something haraam or even questionable, going to remove Almighty Allah from another’s heart and put you or that thing in their hearts instead?

We have become a society engrossed in egoism. We’re selfish. Everything has become about me, myself and I. This is the fitnah of our time. Anyone who tries to make others aware of this will most likely be met with scorn.

Beware of feeling happy with yourself if you succeed in capturing the heart of another in haraam. This is something to weep about because you have become the tool of shaytaan and we want to be the tools of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala in bringing people back to Islam and back to their Creator and back to the Sunnah.