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Hajj: A Journey of love

Everything in the world has an attraction towards something. Even the physicist will tell you every single object in the universe has an attraction towards another object in the universe. If even an inanimate object like a stone can have an attraction then certainly we the humankind also have this attraction. Before mankind was born we were all gathered together in aalam e arwah. Allah swt asked a single question that:

أَلَسْتُ بِرَبِّكُمْ

Am I not your Rabb?

قَالُوا بَلَىٰ

And everyone recited that yes Allah swt You are our Rabb.

[Al-A’raaf; 7:172]

Mufassireen write that at this moment Allah swt entered the seed of love in the hearts of the mankind. At least every one of us will be responsible to take Allah swt as our Rabb. This is what you and I are sent here to do. We have been sent here to obey and love Allah swt. To love Him is the most important purpose of our lives. And why should we not love Allah swt when Allah swt loves us.

Once there was a student who asked his shaykh that: O Shaykh, can you bring us some evidence that Allah swt loves the mankind.

He began by saying that first you have to understand a principle that when you love somebody, then whatever your beloved does for you, you view that as very very big. So, a person you love gives you a small thing but you say that they gave me such a great gift. But when you give a lot to them you say that oh I should have done so much more for my friend.

Allah swt says that when the believers make zikr they make it katheer: they make it a lot. And you and I make very little zikr and Allah called it a lot. And Allah swt called dunya qaleel. That what Allah gave us He views it as very little and what we give Allah swt, He calls it katheer this shows that Allah swt loves us.

 وَالَّذِينَ آمَنُوا أَشَدُّ حُبًّا لِّلَّـهِ

Surah Al-BaqaraH; 2:165]

Those who believe should be extreme in their love for Allah swt.

This means that those who believe, they should be head over heels in love with Allah swt. And deen is an expression of this love. Allah swt says that a person who loves me, he should also obey Me. There is no love without obedience. We can take the example of a boy who says I love my father but when the father asks him for a small thing to do then he doesn’t do it. You would say it’s nonsensical. So if we love Allah swt then whatever He had commanded us to do, we should do it lovingly, willingly because it’s an expression of love.

And Hajj is a journey of Love.

Even the poorest of poorest feel an attraction towards Baitullah. Baitullah attracts everyone no matter what status they come from. It’s not confined to any special people. And even the invitation to Hajj. In Ramadan they stand for long hours at night for ibaadah, and they make long duas showing dependency on Allah swt. Allah swt not only accepts their forgiveness but also sends them an invitation to His Baitullah. Only those who exert themselves are invited to Hajj. This invitation is from Allah swt. Allah swt gave them the motivation and everything else that they required to get there.

This is something we should never do: scoff at people who come back from Hajj but don’t change. We should understand that the journey of Hajj is a sign of qabooliyat of such a person. The fact that they went for Hajj shows that at that point they were maqbool.

Hajj is not a luxury trip. It’s not a five star journey. Hardship is a necessary factor of Hajj.We should go with a mindset that it will be difficult. If we have a mindset that I want ease then every moment we will be complaining. If we start with the mindset that it will be the journey of hardships then we will endure it. We must understand that the lover accepts all the hardships for the sake of his beloved. This is a story to wax up this concept.

Story of a young lover of Allah swt

This is a story of a young man. He said I was outside one day and I saw a young man who was crippled. It was very hot and the young man was using his arms to drag himself. Imam ibn? Was very surprised. He said o young man what is it that you are doing dragging yourself across the road? He looked at him I don’t have time to speak to you I have to on the journey of Hajj. He said young man why don’t  you come and take rest at my home. He said I don’t have time for it. He said that I will arrange a ride. Replied when a runaway slave goes to his master, does he go on his own or on a ride?

On hajj after completion there was crowd and they said a young man was making dua to Allah swt. It was the same young man. This was the dua of a true lover. He said Allah swt I have done all the arkaan but now at this time everyone is making a sacrifice. But since You didn’t give me means, at the very least accept me as a sacrifice. His dua was accepted right then and he went to Allah swt.

You and I should also make niyyat that we will exert everything.

Story of Hadhrat Ibrahim (as)’s love for Allah swt

If we look at the story of Ibrahim (as) its also very interesting. Ibrahim as was once herding his sheep and Allah swt wanted to show angels that how much Ibrahim as loved Allah swt. SO a man came and praised Allah swt. When Ibrahim as heard this he as said please please say those words once again. He was so effected by the words. The man asked what will you give me? And so Ibrahim as responded I’ll give you half of my sheep. Then because he was a lover he said just recite it one more time. He said what will you give me? He said all the sheep. Then he asked him to recite again and then you’ll need someone to heard the sheep. He gave not just what he have but also himself. That was extreme love that he had for Allah swt. People of imaan are extreme in their love for Allah swt.

That is something that you and I don’t have this because we haven’t really done something for Allah swt. How many of us can present a day, even hour, or minutes and claim that this is the level of my love. Nobodys done that. It was those people. They were the people who were extreme in the love of Allah swt.

Story of a lover of Allah swt: Syeddina Abdullah ra

There was a young sahabi. Hadrat Abdullah was a young sahabi who lived in the outskirts of madina. When he heard of the arrival of Blessed prophet sws, he went their and took imaan. The same night he returned home and no one at his home knew. In their home the hot topic of the day was Syedna Rasool Allah sws. Whenever they would mention prophet sws it would have an effect on him because he loved Prophet sws. Then one of his uncles asked him that have you accepted imaan? He immediately said yes indeed that I have brought imaan. So this uncle of his said that do you not know that we have given you everything that you have. The food, the ceiling, its all from us. So either you can leave all of this or you can leave the messenger of Allah sws. So he immediately said no I will not renounce the faith. The uncle got so angry that he kicked the sahaba ra out of the house. While the sahaba ra was leaving, the uncle said these clothes are also what I gave you and stripped him and sent him on the streets. The mother went out and gave him a shawl which he tore up and wore in two pieces – you can say like we wear it in ihram.

The sahaba ra went straight to Prophet sws. At the time prophet sws was sitting and it was time of fajr. When he sws saw the sahaba coming he sws immediately stood up and his sws face was beaming such that other sahaba karam turned around to look who it was. Prophet sws embraced and kissed him.

After a while sahaba karam ra made a journey for jihad. One point in that journey Syedna Abdullah ra got so ill that people who took care of him they said he is going to die. Then prophet sws immediately went to him and he was lying there. Prophet sws took his head and placed it in his lap and this is the state that he passed away in. When it came to burying… he had left no wealth to buy his kafan and so at that time prophet sws offered to do that. The tradition is that the person closest to deceased would lower the body and put mud on it. But prophet sws said no to his brothers and lowered his body himself. Prophet sws made a dua such that Umar ra latter commented upon it that how I had wished that I had died and that Prophet sws had made that dua for me.

He sacrificed his clothes and he was adorned with the clothes of prophet sws. And he sacrificed looking at the face of his mother, he was adorned with looking at the face of prophet sws. This is the qadr that Allah swt does.

Each and everyone of us who have been accepted to go on the journey of Hajj they should make a niyyah that we have to strive and have hardships. The rest who cant go we should exert ourselves and make dua to be accepted for this journey soon iA!

[These are the rough notes of Cii talk given by Shaykh Kamaluddin Ahmed db )

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