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Hollywood or Bollywood…huh?

In The Name Of ALLAH Most Gracious Most Merciful

“…whereas the life of this world is only a deceiving enjoyment.”

(Al-Hadid, 57:20)

Hollywood or Bollywood…huh?

Lights, camera, action? Hollywood or bollywood? Superstars or superheroes? Shameless or polytheist? Mindless or senseless? Violent or biased? Crude or lewd? Oh what a variety is being offered to the one seeking to ‘chill’ that mind for hours on end while obliviously stumbling headlong into the web of the gleeful shaytaan.

What is it about this world and all its deceptive glamour that we just cannot let go of? Why is it that that we are so blind yet at the same time we know what the outcome of our actions will lead us to? Unfortunately for us, we are living in a time where fitna (mischief) is rife and exposure to these fitnas is practically unavoidable. This is the era where television, music, cinema etc. has, both, the young and the old entrapped within its wretched clutches. A so-called ‘modern’ and ‘sophisticated’ era with everything provided for us at the push of a button. Dictating to us, the television with all its evils rules our lives. Yet the irony of it all is that the ‘remote control’ is in our own hand and we choose the home environment we live in! And eventually the communities we live and associate with.

Take cartoons for example, our children are watching the ghastly displays of cartoon characters that scheme, swear, cheat, lie, throw tantrums and disrespect everyone including parents, teachers, siblings and friends. They even have magical ‘superpowers’ with the ability to control the world and everything within it. Our child becomes captivated with these programs and their innocent minds get clouded and they cannot decipher between fantasy and reality.

As ALLAH fearing and concerned parents we need to know that we are opening up the doors leading to disobedient, lazy, obese and immodest children by giving them access to a television. Television has been said to cause all these harms and more. It weakens the memory and there is a lack of interest in studies. It can also inhibit the process of thinking and understanding. Time and again new statistics with more medical, psychological and mental problems caused by watching television are released.

One cannot deny that music is a vital part of television. They work hand in hand. Whether it’s a news broadcast, cartoon, movie, sport, nature or documentary program, invariably at some point or the other there is going to be music. There are also channels that are dedicated to screening singers/pop stars and spreading their debauchery and unrestricted evils. As Muslims we know that listening to music is haraam. Furthermore it has been proven that music affects the mental state of a person causing one to become depressed, moody, uninhibited and even experience feelings of rage at times. Foolish are we to even think that music brings happiness, even if temporarily, to us when our beloved Nabi Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam has stated:

“The act of listening to songs opens the door to trials for the listener.” (Tirmidhi)

Then there’s bollywood, who prides itself on its songs because apparently ‘the music makes the movie’. Besides the extreme harms caused to our morals, character and iman by watching these musical bollywood movies, we are also witnessing rituals of idol worship which is totally abhorred in Islam. Hollywood goes one step further with bollywood following suite by manufacturing figurines/dolls of these so-called ‘stars’ and these are sold at exorbitant prices. Are we aware that we, the ignorant and guilty parent, purchase these ‘idols’ for our beloved children at a price? The expense being, the possibility of harming and weakening our iman! Imagine the spiritual destruction we have inflicted upon ourselves and our loved ones by viewing, letting them view and partaking in purchasing these movies and its by-products. One has to ask, where exactly have we lost it?

So the next time we hear: “Mummy can I watch t.v?” or “Mum can I go with my friends to the cinema?” don’t sigh with relief at having ‘time-out’. Stop and contemplate the repercussions. Would we let our dear ones use or expose them to obscene language? Would we let them dress indecently? Would we let them dabble in magic? Would we let them fornicate? Would we let them commit any crime? Off course not! But put on the television and there we have it, exposure to every type of evil possible. By watching these programs our child starts imitating what they see, it’s natural. So from a young age these evil habits become embedded into their character hindering their development from all angles most especially spiritually.

This Hadith tells us clearly…

Narrated Abu Hurairah (R.A): ALLAH’S Messenger Salallahu Alaihi Wasallam said. ”The (Hell) Fire is surrounded with all kinds of desires and passions, while Paradise is surrounded with adversities.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

Our Holy Qur’an also commands all believing men and women to lower their gazes. Contemplate on the wisdom of this command. It’s as simple as that. Righteousness, SACRIFICE and Contentment. There is no doubt that every single person wants success for themselves and there loved ones in this world and in the hereafter. Let’s make an initiative towards controlling our desires and we will see how Merciful ALLAH TA’ALA is to the repentant one. It’s about persevering patiently and hoping for the tremendous reward promised to those who painfully sacrificed the deceitful pleasures of this transitory world in the hope of a superior blissful eternal hereafter. Constantly bear in mind that if we lead and live our lives on the Siratul Mustaqeem then InshaALLAH we will die and be raised on the Siratul Mustaqeem.

An absolute antithesis of Islamic Monotheism, hollywood and bollywood is nothing but polytheism and paganism from root to tip. Fitna, zina, shirk! Conspiracies and deception. The web has been spun. And like flies on syrup, enjoyment is short-lived. Leading fairytale lives like those on the television with no worry of the Aakhirah to come or that of our deeds and our children’s (minor) to answer for. Preparation is being made only for the viewing of the next latest hollywood or bollywood ‘blockbuster’, while preparation in attaining Jannah has been put aside if not forgotten.

What happens when reality arrives and…

Lights, camera and action! Our time in this world is up… And the ‘Light’, Al-NOOR of our RABB is focused on us. And the ‘Camera’, proof of our deeds are placed before us. We are undoubtedly and most definitely caught out by the ‘Actions’- our deeds by our Truthful LORD and therein is no escape from HIS ‘REACTION’ but through the Mercy of our CREATOR…

Courtesy: myislam.co.za


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