Islamic Will Forms

Islam is a comprehensive religion. There are laws that regulate every phase of a Muslim’s life. The laws that determine the distribution of one’s estate have also been stipulated and great emphasis has been laid on adhering to them. In Islam, it is fardh (obligatory) upon every Muslim to write up a will to ensure that one’s estate is divided according to the Islamic Law. It is a grave sin and an injustice not leave a will or to to leave an un-Islamic will. This especially applies to Muslims who reside in countries where the Islamic laws of Inheritance are not the law of the land.

In simplifying this task, the Jamiatul Ulama KZN has prepared standardized Islamic wills which are easy to complete, yet will ensure that one’s estate is distributed according to Islamic Law. Downloads are given below.

Hard Copies of the Last Will & Testament can be purchased from our Offices at 223 Alpine Road Durban


Kindly Read and study the Notes & Guidelines for Wills before filling in your Will.


Last will and testament – E-Version

Notes and Guidelines for Will

List of Schedules


Travellers Will